As a part of Locale Magazine’s Re:Deux Guide for 2013, we looked for an expert on men’s style in Orange County. We found the right guy in Costa Mesa. Below you’ll find wisdom and a challenge from Dane Hesse, barber and founder of Eagle & Pig barbershop (home of great cuts and the Six Pack Swap).

Big switch: if you kept it clean and neat for 2012, try growing your hair out a bit in 2013, maybe a longer businessman style or pompadour. If you fought the high and tight styles during 2012, embrace them for 2013.
Remember: Hair always grows back, take a chance and mix it up.
1. Use a comb – I like the fine products made by Kent.
2. Use a good product – For a clean shine and great hold, try Grant’s Royal Hawaiian. For dull finish and medium hold, go with Uppercut Deluxe’s matte clay.
3. Go to a barber – We know you love the hot stylist chick, but she might not give you the best classic men’s cut.
4. blocked neckline – If you work in a suit and tie, or wear a collared shirt most of the time, stick with a blocked neckline. It looks sharper than a taper with those styles.
Eagle & Pig barbershop
1782 Monrovia Ave
Costa Mesa 

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