What’s that vibrating in your underwear? Guys’ boxer briefs with a cell phone pocket.

Anthony Ferraro – a business student at Chapman University – faces a busy day. It’s time to hit the gym, rush to class, meet with professors about his team’s next start-up business plan, and then, off to work.

What helps keep his day running so smoothly? Surprisingly, it’s his underwear. That’s right, guys. Although you might not typically think too much about what you’ve got on under your jeans,  SWAV Under Apparel Company is about to change that. Whether you’re changing from jeans to board shorts to dress pants to compression shorts and back again, SWAV is the new under apparel for guys with an active lifestyle – and it’s being developed right here in OC.

Established in 2012 and already having won two business plan competitions, the guys at SWAV are making sure they’ve got the best designs and the best fabrics to guarantee both comfort and functionality. They’ve gone through nearly a dozen manufacturers to develop their luxury performance boxer brief. They’ll keep you cool, clean and dry.

But what else makes these boxer briefs so unique? The brand has added the SWAV slip pocket – a pocket for your cell phone. And maybe you’ve already heard about pockets in your underwear (come on guys, get caught up on the trend), but these briefs have just one pocket. Other brands I found have a pocket on each side, but the pockets are too short for a phone. SWAV eliminates the second pocket and makes just one pocket that’s big enough for your iPhone or other smartphone. Sleek and simple.

I’m going to grab a pair the next time I go for a run. The pocket keeps my iPhone (functioning as my music player) securely fastened to my side. I don’t have to worry about my phone bouncing around in my shorts, deal with an armband or risk dropping it. And what’s more, I can feel clean when I change and head back to the office.

SWAV is currently available to Chapman students as a first release. It will be released for online shopping soon. Sign up online at www.swavapparel.com and be the first to know.


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Ryan Hines

A visionary young man who values the potential of the unknown, Ryan didn't stay put in Florida after he got his bachelor's degree in public relations from the University of South Florida. Instead, he began his next adventure. He headed to the west coast, with no guarantees of where he would live or work. OC and LA immediately felt like home to him, and in his thirst for adventure, he's done a little bit of everything, from working at Quiksilver, Equinox Newport Beach, Hyatt Huntington Beach, ReFresh Talent Agency, T&Co. PR agency, to modeling gigs and volunteering for events like the Sunset Strip Music Festival in West Hollywood. He's now the public relations coordinator for Chapman University and couldn't be happier. He fits right in with the entrepreneurial and creative energy of this nimble university. He swims on his lunch break, surfs HB after work, blogs at rmhines.com, and still stays involved in his other interests, including fashion, style and film.

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