We talked to the charming and all around well-loved Bobby Ryan of the Anaheim Ducks while he was taking a break from the ice. Our interview covered all the most important questions for a player entering the 2013 NHL Playoffs: what was his last Google search, what’s on his DVR and who on the team is the hands down “momma’s boy”. Enjoy.
This is a segment from The Ultimate Guide to the Anaheim Ducks 2013.

Bobby Ryan
POSITION: RIGHT WING  |  HEIGHT: 6’ 2”  |  WEIGHT: 200 LBS  |  BORN: 3/17/87
AWARDS: Stanley Cup (2007 w/Ducks), Olympic Silver Medal

Q: Who is your favorite opponent to compete against?
BOBBY RYAN: Anze Kopitar [Fig. 1] from the Los Angeles Kings. He always brings his ‘A’ game, and he’s fun to challenge yourself against.

Q: If you could receive a compliment from anybody in the league, whose would mean the most to you?
BR: Teemu Selanne [Fig. 2]. I’m obviously biased, but he’s the oldest in the league and probably one of the most well respected.

Q: Why are hockey players obsessed with golf?
BR: I think golf requires everything from power to finesse and thinking. And it’s a relaxing social competition, which is different from what we normally do. Also, you can drink while playing it.

Q: If you started a band, what would you call yourselves?
BR: Joffrey Lupul (former teammate in Anaheim), and I had a band a few years ago. We were called “Humiliation for a Good Cause.”

Q: What was your last internet search? Be honest.
BR: Haha, last thing I googled were Julianne Hough [Fig. 3] images!

Q: Is there a specific charity you support? Why did you gravitate toward this particular organization?
BR: Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim. I have a friend who has done a lot of work for them in raising money. I have been working with them for a few years now.

Q: Outside of your teammates, which current NHL players do you admire most?
BR: I admire Pavel Datsyuk (Detroit Red Wings) [Fig. 4] the most. He’s the most talented player in the league.

Q: Favorite show in your DVR queue right now?
BR: My favorite show in my DVR right now is Shameless. William H. Macy [Fig. 5] is the perfect actor for his part. ­

Q: Since you know all your teammates’ personalities pretty well, give us the rundown on the Ducks team dynamics…
BR: The jokester: Brad Staubitz. He’s got the best one-liners in the league.
The guy you bring home to the parents:
Cam Fowler. I have a feeling Cam could fool a few parents!
The momma’s boy: Luca Sbisa
The alpha male: Sheldon Souray.
Despite the way he dresses!
The Softy: Corey Perry.
Hands down. He loves his mix tapes!

Did you know?
Bobby’s worst fear is of bridges.

A little about Bobby Ryan and the family dynamic of the Anaheim Ducks players. Click to enlarge…

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