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10 Reasons Southern California is the Best Place to Live Year-Round

From Beaches to Entertainment, This is What We Love Most About Living in SoCal

Written By: Locale Magazine Astoria at Central Park West

As the winter season is in full swing, people in the United States are continuing to enjoy the chilly months. For many, this means dropping temperatures, short days and a lot of time spent inside. However, for those in living in Southern California, these ideas are foreign. Read about some of the reasons why we think Southern California is the best place to live year-round! Astoria at Central Park West

  1. A seashell a day keeps the doctor away. Doctor-prescribed trips to the shore from the 18th century were seemingly on the right track: scientists have been studying the ocean’s health benefits – and research shows that living near the beach may have many positive health benefits, including reduced stress and increased physical activity. Astoria at Central Park West
  1. Walking on sunshine. The weather in Southern California is undoubtedly the best in the country. Even in the deep winter months, the average temperature in Southern California hovers around 70 degrees. Isn’t 70 and sunny what most people would describe as perfect weather? Astoria at Central Park West
  1. Endless opportunities. With a healthy marketplace that has several major business centers in Los Angeles and Orange County, Southern California offers many career opportunities in a variety of fields – it’s no surprise that the entertainment industry is a big one. Between the years 2013–2014, California added more non-farm payroll jobs than any other state in the nation.
  1. A strategic investment opportunity. Savvy investors across the nation – and the globe – consider Southern California to be one of the most strategic places to invest. Foreign buyers make up a large portion of investors, especially for homes in coastal regions.

  2. Culture at every corner. International music, theater and eclectic dining are just a few of the many cultural experiences that Southern Californians enjoy on a regular basis. From traditional Bollywood shows and classical jazz performances to flaky European pastries and authentic Japanese sashimi, there is truly something for everyone. Oh, and did we mention we think we have the most flavorful street tacos on the planet? Astoria at Central Park West
  1. California wine. With multiple fine wineries located in Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez and Temecula, Southern Californians enjoy some of the best vino without taking the trek to Napa Valley. Astoria at Central Park West
  1. Eat good, feel good. Southern Californians prioritize healthy eating, and that equates to fresh, locally grown, organic options readily available at countless retailers and restaurants. And yes, while Southern California is home to the infamous In-and-Out Burger, many residents find the most joy in selecting freshly picked and flavorful produce from their neighborhood farmers’ markets.
  1. Fitness: It’s a way of life. Southern Californians are among the fittest people in the country – partly thanks to the great weather that allows for long walks, hiking and swimming year-round. Astoria at Central Park West
  1. Proximity to Las Vegas. A four-hour drive is all it takes to visit the City of Sin for a quick overnight or weekend getaway. Enough said. Astoria at Central Park West
  1. The best of both worlds. Only in Southern California can you surf and ski on the same day. For those who enjoy the snow or the sports that come along with it, there are numerous mountain ranges within driving distance in Southern California. This means you can start your day in the sand and end it in the snow!

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