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Vegan, Sweets, Healthy, Decadent—You Name it, These Are Some of the Tastiest Instagrams Covering it All Foodie Instagrams to Follow

Written By: Jeannette Swanson Foodie Instagrams to Follow

Let’s be honest and admit that we could be doing more in our kitchens. Our kitchens should be places that inspire us instead of a destination that’s bogged down by more take out bags and boxes than we’d like to admit. Inspiration can be hard to come by and ideas for meals don’t pop into most people’s heads as instantaneously as it does into others. That’s where these 10 Instagram accounts come into play. These accounts will inspire us to do more in the kitchen or prompt us to step outside our comfort zones to explore wondrous eats around our neighborhoods. So, follow and click your way into days, weeks and months of new food experiences; enjoy!

 Foodie Instagrams to Follow


A photo posted by foodbeast (@foodbeast) on


The self-proclaimed peddler of food porn has been on the food beat since 2008. Focusing on un-pretentiousness foods, @foodbeast is a leader in artfully disseminating current food trends, products and recipes. With 454K followers, these foodies feature bites that people actually want to eat. If you’d like to connect with them off of Instagram they have a website where you can stay connected with an abundance of food related material.

 Foodie Instagrams to Follow


A photo posted by BeautyBlends (@beautyblends) on


BeautyBlends is the Instagram account for the person who needs a little more inspiration for healthful eating. The photos just scream health, fruit and “eat me.” The images feature food that is stunning and inspiring enough to need nothing more than simplistic backgrounds. Check out this Dutch blogger’s recipes on her personal website and join her 128K followers for a daily dose of antioxidants.

 Foodie Instagrams to Follow


A photo posted by Hangrydiary (@hangrydiary) on


Two women who were raised in Hong Kong and came to Los Angeles to continue their education monitor the Hangrydiary. The UCLA and USC alums feature many dessert items and foods found in Hong Kong. The account is unique because we can assume that each photo was taken before the two women actually bite into and finish the sweet and savory looking bites. Be sure to join their 89K followers if you’d like to partake in daily doses of dessert hour.

 Foodie Instagrams to Follow


A photo posted by imhungry LA (@imhungry) on

If you’re hungry in Los Angeles it might be wise to follow @imhungry for photographic recommendations of the best dishes to be found in and around LA. A wide assortment of food ranging from “I just went through a bad breakup” kind of food and “holy cow I hope there’s enough room in my stomach for that plate of divinity” dishes, there’s something for every emotion and appetite. There’s little information about the person behind this account, but it’s safe to say that he or she must have an incredible metabolism or hits the gym seven days a week. Go ahead and drool alone with the other 50K followers.



One look at Linda’s account and the words dark and seductress immediately come to mind. While the images have many dark and old-fashioned undertones, the photos are intriguing and you can’t help but scroll through the pages of posts. It’s a dramatically different feeling you get when looking through this account, but it’s a feeling that tugs at the deepest depths of your mind, all the while drawing you to the kitchen to secure an apron around your waist. Linda is doing something right because she has 717K followers and counting.

 Foodie Instagrams to Follow


A photo posted by F O O D D E C O (@fooddeco) on


At least 99 percent of the images are set against a grey backdrop that might be slate, tile or pavement. The grey background makes the food items pop, making their color even more vibrant. Food Deco describes itself as a “love story between food and decoration” and it’s so true because in one image you’ll see fruit items that have been arranged to look like a slice of pizza or a salad that looks like a checkerboard. The food looks almost too carefully placed to eat, but like their other 78K followers, I’m sure you’ll do it anyway.

 Foodie Instagrams to Follow


A photo posted by honestlyyum (@honestlyyum) on


Expect great things from their recent partnership with Nespresso USA. The lavender iced coffee will want you make a run to the nearest lavender field and the vegan coffee smoothie might make you reconsider your dietary preferences. The photo feed is inspiring and one glance might prompt your imagination to place you at a simple, yet elegantly decorated picnic table in the middle of an open field. At your table you will be served items such as grilled corn with jalapeno honey butter, Vietnamese lemongrass skewers, herb tarts and a lemon shaker pie. I encourage you to be a part of the 50K follower movement.

 Foodie Instagrams to Follow


A video posted by Ina Garten (@inagarten) on


The Barefoot Contessa has a following of 861K Instagram followers. You’ll get a vacation without ever having to leave your Instagram scrolling post, since visitors will be warmed by a very East Coast feel. This account will make you want to create an herb garden for your balcony so that you can add hints of freshness to your home cooked meals.

Foodie Instagrams to Follow



Katie’s desserts look decadent, but they’re oh so healthy. Her first cookbook, The Chocolate Covered Katie Cookbook, was included in the Top 20 Cookbooks of 2015 by Amazon. Katie’s wholesome beauty is paired with desserts that will be hits at potlucks. You get a wholesome feeling from her account, a feeling that makes you want to put on your apron and preheat your oven. So join her 224K followers and be prepared to be inspired by new daily recipes.

 Foodie Instagrams to Follow


A photo posted by Julie Lee (@julieskitchen) on

You might get baby fever from looking at Julie’s account, since her super cute baby is also a star of the feed. Baby aside, Julie’s 158K followers have probably incorporated healthier eating habits into their daily routines because of her simplistic, yet inspiring images. Simplistic doesn’t mean boring because you can tell how much pride goes into the arrangement of photographed ingredients. So, if you need to fit more fruits and veggies into your daily diet, follow Julie because the ideas are oh so plentiful. Foodie Instagrams to Follow

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