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OC and LA Instagrammers Share Their Secrets to Getting the Perfect Shot

Written by: Lydia Hernandez Instagram Tips

Whether for fun or business, standing out among the 400 million Instagram users means you need to step up your game. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but with the endless ways to filter, light, layer, and collage with Instagram’s built-in features in addition to putting your unique spin on viewing the world, a great Instagram photo is worth so much more. Read on to learn how you can take amazing Instagram photos from some of OC and LA’s most popular Instagram users:

  1. Take a Different Perspective

Caryn Baily (@caryn_baily), an accomplished photographer, likes to take photos from various perspectives. Instead of taking a pic from straight above the subject or directly in front of it, try moving the camera phone slightly up, down, or off center.


  1. Stay on Topic

Lisa Benedict Robertson (@babesindisneyland) is a sought-after PR Instagrammer that has worked with many travel and food clients. Her tip is to stay on topic. In her Babes In Disneyland Instagram account, all her photos are about family events and adventures in Disneyland. Feel like you need to share more? Do like Lisa (@lisarobertson) does and add an another IG account to share the rest.


  1. Go the Extra Mile

Serious Instagrammers know that the perfect shot takes effort and patience. Cynthia Duarte (@kindasillymommy) prefers to use natural light and would be willing to wait for that golden hour in the day to take that perfect pic. She’s also not afraid to get down and dirty for the sake of an amazing Instagram photo. Sure you might look goofy, but as this silly mom advises, “Don’t be afraid to act a fool!”


  1. Mess Around With Filters (including from other apps!)

Liz Cerezo (@familyisfamilia) takes multiple shots with her phone (not the Instagram camera) then tries out her favorite pic with the various filters. But don’t stop there! Once you’ve picked out the filter, click on the “wrench” on the IG app to further adjust brightness, color, shadows, and so much more. Play around even more with 3rd party photo editing apps too!


  1. Take Action Shots

Sometimes the occasion calls for setting up for the perfect shot, other times the perfect shot are those that happened at the moment. Pattie Cordova (@livingmividaloca) likes to take quick, impromptu pics of life happening. Whether it’s a pic of you and your friends giggling uncontrollably or hand holding after a long day, capturing those unscripted moments on Instagram is a refreshing way to engage your followers.


  1. Filter Food Photos Sparingly

Priscilla Ann Willis (@shescookin) has built an impressive PR career in showcasing the best eats in Southern California (and most recently Europe!). She recommends editing food pics sparingly and let the food speak for itself. Use natural light and mix it up with up-close and angled shots to add spice and variety to food photos.


  1. Use Only Your Best Photos

Many of the professional Instagrammers I talked with agreed to use only your best photos. While it may be tempting to post a pic simply for the sake of posting, it may cost you followers. Sure it takes time, but making sure that you post only your best photos will keep your followers asking for more.


  1. Know The Built-In Camera Features of Your Phone

Smartphone lenses and photo taking features get better with each new generation. Get schooled on all the unique aspects of your phone such as tapping on the screen to change the focus, using the grid feature to balance a photo, or holding the photo button to take rapid shots during the action.


  1. Clean the Lens

Sometimes the best tips are the most basic. Your cell phone goes everywhere with you. From your purse to the table-top to the inside your bra, your cell phone lenses easily pick up goop from the day’s adventures. Make sure you give it a good wipe down with a lint free cloth for the clearest shots.


  1. Recreate Your Favorite Photos from other Instagrammers.

One of the tricks I use (@thevintagemama) is to try to recreate a photo that I especially liked from another Instagram user. Don’t feel like you need to copy it exactly, but look for those features that make it stand out to you. Was it the color? The shadows? The perspective? Take what you like and make it your own.


Post like a pro.