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Your Next Best Breakfast Awaits

WRITTEN BY: Michelle Slieff, Alexa Erickson, Deirdre Michalski, TC Franklin, Joe Cannon, Jessica Gomes, Erica Leitz & Nicole Fera

PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Nancy Villere, Cory Critser, Amanda Proudfit & Josie Gonzales

Let’s face it, you have to eat! Furthermore, you want each and every taste bud to savor the flavor at each fork full. Trust us. We get it; it’s hard to wean through the almost incomprehensible amount of breakfast restaurants in Los Angeles. Where to dine out is similar to sitting at your favorite coffee house figuring out the most complex crossword puzzle. Don’t fret, we’ve done the work for you. Traversing the Los Angeles basin—from the Santa Monica coast, to the Westside, Mid-Wilshire and the East, we have uncovered the “ultimate” hideaways and breakfast foodie finds that you will want to put on your radar.

Already a major player on the world’s gastronomic food scene, you don’t have to go far to find a place to dine. Like most things, finding a restaurant is easy, but finding a good, even great restaurant is hard, which is why we’ve stepped in and composed a list of breakfast places we’ve noted as key points in LA’s still-growing food arena. No matter what your tast, our ultimate food guide has you covered for your next meal!


Must Have Item: Eggs! Best: Waffles…just kidding.

If you love eggs as much as self-proclaimed “eggslut, ”Anthony Bourdain, then this is the place for you. While you still have your dignity, start with the Slut,  a coddled egg on top of potato puree, poached in a glass jar and served with a baguette. Don’t bother calling to see what the wait is like, just show up.


Must Have Item: Ham Steak & Eggs Best: Place to bring your trucker friends

This place keeps it original with the classics. Think buttery pancakes with spuds from the griddle that are seasoned by the years of use of the flat top. Your coffee cup always stays full and the French toast is also a first time must.

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Must Have Item: French Toast Best: Place to rock your give- up-on-life pants

Welcome breakfast that is over the top and in your face, but in a good way. French toast served with the best set of marshmallows you’ve ever put in your mouth. Ask for extra powdered sugar, because, why not.


Must Have Item: Sweet Apple Bacon Waffle Best: Place to make maple syrup your new best friend

You might not think an authentic German sports bar could be known for its food. Bru Haus will change your mind. Executive Chef Jina Lee is churning out one-of-a-kind, mouth-watering, Belgian waffles with kitchen skills as if playing in the Waffle Super Bowl. Catch a game on one of their big screen TVs and enjoy the Sweet Apple Bacon Waffle. It’s made from scratch in a cast-iron waffle maker, and stuffed full with chunks of crisp, savory, country bacon. Joined inside are sweet, cinnamon apples. It’s so delicious, it’ll make your taste buds feel like granny smacked you in the face with her apple pie. Toppings include an additional pile of warm, pan seared, glazed apples. You’ll fall in love with it.



Must Have Item: Moroccan Baked Eggs Best: Place to lose track of time

An uber-popular Abbot Kinney hangout, Gjelina is by far one of the most amazing places in town. Hang out on the patio and count how many celebrities you spot. You’ll enjoy the view, the food and the good friends you came with to the point where you will wonder where the time went. Don’t worry though, Gjelina can start you off with an A-list breakfast and keep you capitvated until you’re ready for round two. We suggest starting off with some Moroccan Baked Eggs and then easing yourself into one of their homemade pizzas. Make sure to check out the team behind Gjelina’s new venture, Gjusta,  a breakfast and lunch spot on Sunset Ave.


Must Have Item: Bottomless Bloody Mary and Mimosa Saturdays Best: People pleasers

Make friends while you’re here and get a genuine sense of community when you pay a visit to Kitchen24. With a menu that caters to all walks of life, feel free to bring Granny, your hipster friends, and the kid next door, all on the same visit. After all, this is a neighborhood hangout.


Must Have Item: Açai Energy Bowl Best: Place to FaceTime your friends over WiFi

This surf shop turned coffee spot is still a big hit with the locals. The decor pays homage to what came before it. Grab an açai bowl on your way to hitting the waves or post up and FaceTime your friends over free Wi-Fi.


Must Have Item: Breakfast Sampler Best: Place to cure a hangover

There is nothing square about this place, with its super trendy breakfast plates it’s like eating art for breakfast. Take a selfie with your biscuit to start your weekend right.


Must Have Item: Buena Vista Best: Place to write your next screenplay

Heal yourself through food rather than trips to the doctor. Enjoy sustainably sourced, organic, high- quality ingredients. With so much attention to quality, be prepared for a leisurely dining experience. Order a Buena Vista to get your coffee fix, bring your laptop and get to work in this unconventional office space.


Must Have Item: Cortado Best: Morning pit stop

OK, coffee lovers, keep your pajamas on and take the Vespa over to Culver City. It used to be hard to find a cool, quaint java spot that wasn’t filled with millennial computer buffs at every outlet, let alone the chance to sip a decent cup-of-joe that doesn’t taste like burnt charcoal from your uncle’s barbeque pit. Individual cups are either pour over style or a masterfully fresh drip brewed by baristas who put knowledgeable coffee passion into each cup. Jonathan Kayn runs the Culver City shop and enjoys serving the adventurous customer. Several styles of espresso accommodate any palate, but the Cortado is the hands-down winner.


Must Have Item: Drip Best: Place to have your beans roasted

This coffee shop offers a refined drip experience for the coffee connoisseur. Stop in here to speed up the day and accomplish more than you ever thought possible in one day.


Must Have Item: Potato & Rosemary Waffle Best: Place to bring your pooch for brunch

This dog-friendly brunch spot is a must for those who love breakfast. Pair this dish, made of tomato, peppers, a runny egg, Marcona almonds and pain au levain with black coffee for a good way to start the day. Heck, stay for lunch, because the food is just that good. Looking for a Sunday Funday kickstarter? Owner Paul Hibler suggests heading over to Superba Food and Bread for the delicate and flaky Everything Croissant, with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion, and garlic, maldon salt and pepper with their super- secret cream cheese filling at the center.


Must Have Item: Vanilla Almond Milk Latte Best: Place to get to know your barista

“But first, coffee.” This is Alfred Coffee & Kitchen’s famous motto that hangs on its wall, and drives everything that they do. This eclectic coffee shop is located in the heart of Los Angeles in the middle of any shopper’s dream, Melrose Place. They serve only Stumptown Coffee, something they are extremely proud of, due to its delicious flavors and company values. They also serve a variety of sandwiches, salads and fresh pastries made by Farmshop, and are open seven days a week. That means you can get yourself a freshly cold brewed latte any day of the week that you’d like. They have also expanded to Brentwood and West Hollywood to cater to all LA locals’ caffeine addictions one cup at a time.


Must Have Item: Mix Your Own Cereal Bowl Best: Place to have cookies for breakfast

We’ve all had the idea to start our own cereal bar. Stop in at Mix N Munch, and see your dreams come true. This cereal bar and grilled cheese cafe will curb those hunger pains at first site of this place. Sometimes you need an animal cookie in your cereal to get the day going. Try the breakfast sandwich with gooey cheese on toasted bread, paired with farm fresh eggs and a hashbown patty…it doesn’t get any better than this.


Must Have Item: The Greek Breakfast Burrito Best: Place to enjoy brunch with your dog

This Long Beach hangout isn’t just for dogs, although they do get pretty comfortable here. This cute cafe off of 4th Street combines Greek and American food to provide unique flavors to the area. Order The Greek Breakfast Burrito, featuring eggs, Greek sausage, spinach, neo potatoes and imported feta, to charge you up for a walk to the beach with your dog. Hands-on owners Pete and Gus Sverkos suggest stopping in for the Zeus Fries, a local favorite, topped with a secret spicy sauce and feta cheese.



Must Have Item: Chasu & Eggs Best: Place to enjoy an authentic Chinese breakfast

If you’re looking for a less than traditional breakfast, then you should hit up Uncle John’s and experience some of the cultural cuisine that LA has to offer. This restaurant was originally founded in 1975, so needless to say, it has been a long time favorite of the locals.


Must Have Item: Biscuits & Gravy Best: Place to waddle into on the weekend

Have you heard the legend about the crooked duck? Ask the owner, Joseph Rooney, when you stop in. The Crooked Duck is a local favorite, and they are known for providing some of the best breakfast that Long Beach has to offer. The Huevos Rancheros are unlike anything you’ve seen before, and we are thrilled they are having fun in the kitchen. The biscuits are definitely a must have item. No matter what you decide to order, add a side of biscuits and gravy for the ultimate Crooked Duck breakfast experience.


Must Have Item: Pancakes & Eggs Best: Place for pillow talk

The Kettle does it right. This spot offers consistency with breakfast dishes. Whether it’s a griddle combo or something
a little more savory, they have you covered. The spuds offer that sensational combination of crunch on the outside and paired with a soft buttery inside that is to die for! The pancakes are like pillows, and make it easier to get out of bed. This is how every morning should start off.

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