Ocean Enthusiast And Philanthropist Jack Shimko Paddles For Life

Cancer isn’t something you plan for. You’re living your life accordingly and then, suddenly, your world is turned upside down with the “what-ifs” that the disease causes. For Jack Shimko, a Newport Beach native and ocean enthusiast, the questions of uncertainty found their way from confusion and fear to a fuel of encouragement to find … Read more

Jason Bentley: How To Make It In The Music Industry

How To Make It In The Music Industry MAKING WAVES IN MUSIC WRITTEN BY: ERIK HALE PHOTOGRAPHY: ADAM GENTRY INTERVIEW BY: KRISTAL DOCTER NAME: Jason Bentley COMPANY: KCRW TITLE: Music Director PHOTO LOCATION: KCRW Studio, Santa Monica College Even though there are billions upon billions of stars in the night sky, very few shine brightly enough to … Read more

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