Palm Springs VillageFest is the Star of the Season

8 Booths You Can’t Miss Palm Springs VillageFest Written By: Sara Hyland Palm Springs VillageFest  For the ultimate street fair—meets farmer’s market—meets food festival—VillageFest in Palm Springs is the ideal place. It’s the perfect Thursday night featuring arts, crafts, food, and entertainment! Thousands of visitors flock to the Fest to meet artists, artisans, entertainers, and suppliers … Read more

A Look at LA’s Bustling Fashion District

LA Fashion District

What Started in the 1920s is Now a Thriving Cultural Center of Art and Design Written By: Chelsea Lauren LA Fashion District Downtown LA is rich with history, especially when it comes to industry, costuming and design. The 90-block zone of pre-war commercial buildings and several modern towers is home to over 5, 000 companies, employing … Read more

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