An Angeleno Native’s Fun-Filled Week

Director of Sales & Marketing of Hotel Angeleno Shares His Favorite Locales The Expert: Dean Yamashita Fun-Filled Week Credentials: Director of Sales & Marketing, Hotel Angeleno Monday The key to Mondays is getting a good start to the week ahead. What better way than to stop at the famous and iconic Randy’s Donuts off the 405 … Read more

‘Rolling Stone’ Egg Dish Has A Mind-Bending Amount Of Layers

‘Rolling Stone’ Egg Dish

Written By Guest Blogger: Pete Pham of FoodBeast ‘Rolling Stone’ Egg Dish There’s a brunch item in the heart of West Hollywood that’s been drawing foodies to Estrella like ants to a half-eaten Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Not that we condone leaving behind peanut butter cups. A while back, Estrella introduced an innovative dish called The Rolling Stone. It featured … Read more

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