The OC Burrito Project Hopes to Solve the Homeless Crisis One Burrito at a Time

Garrett Dunbar Hopes Burritos Will Get Us One Step Closer to Solving Homelessness Written By: Erica Johnson Photographed By: Ed Visions   When I walk into the 4th Street Market kitchen to interview Garrett Dunbar, all is quiet. The preparations for the evening’s OC Burrito Project are just starting and the volunteers have not yet … Read more

From Mommy Makeovers to The Laser Lounge, Dr. Sanjay Grover is Your Go-To Plastic Surgeon in Orange County

Head to Dr. Grover for All Your Cosmetic Needs Photographed By: Roberto Cerini Expert: Dr. Sanjay Grover MD, FACS Credentials: Plastic Surgeon Motto: “Learn something new everyday.” Meet Dr. Sanjay Grover, one of Orange County’s most sought-after plastic surgeons. With two flourishing practices based out of Newport Beach and Beverly Hills, The Center of Aesthetic … Read more

Move Over Usher, Palm Springs Has a New R&B Star in Town

Eevaan Tré is Heating Things Up in Palm Springs Written By: Quintan Valles Photographed By: George Duchannes Eevaan Tré 2015 was a big year for R&B singer/songwriter Eevaan Tré. That was the year he made it to the musical mecca known as the Coachella Music Festival. For many musicians, making it to Coachella is a pretty … Read more

Get Inspired By This Local Interior Designer’s Passion For Palm Springs

Morraika Simonds Shares Her Design Inspo Written By: Dr. Paula Trimble-Familetti Photographed By: Bianca Simonian Expert: Morraika Simonds Credentials: Owner, An Interior Motive Designs LLC This native daughter of the Coachella Valley uses her innate artistic ability to create beautiful indoor spaces. She focuses on the client’s desires and the experience of growing up in … Read more

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