Where to Seek Assistance for Mental Health, Sobriety and Safety While Staying at Home

Helplines, Hotlines and Online Support Groups for Your Physical and Mental Health  Written By: LOCALE Editors Online Support Groups Quarantine There’s no doubt that self-isolation has put a dent into our daily routines. While it’s imperative to practice social distancing right now, this can be difficult for those who seek support for their sobriety or … Read more

8 Million Metric Tons of Plastic Ends Up in Our Oceans Each Year; Igloo Is Here to Change That

Styrofoam Is Out, Igloo Recool Is In Written By: Taylor Gorski Photography Provided By: Shane Adams Igloo EcoCool Last year, Igloo launched Igloo RECOOL––the world’s first biodegradable and compostable cooler (after its life, it can be composted to help grow new plants!). This eco-friendly cooler is reusable, can hold up to 75 pounds and is … Read more

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