Our Taste Buds Can’t Resist These 10 Takeout Items From URBANA—Here’s Why

Margaritas, Elote, Lobster Tacos—Count Us In! Written By: Rachel Bonilla Photography Provided By: URBANA Best Takeout Anaheim OC residents are no strangers to craft cocktails and unique flavors, but with URBANA’s twist on Mexican classics, there is something new for everyone to discover. This popular spot is located in the Anaheim Packing District and offers … Read more

From DTLA Eats to a Roadtrip to Cambria, Jenna Ritter Shares Her Favorite Los Angeles Adventures

She’s a Marketing Master!  Illustrations By: Vicente Martí Solar Jenna Ritter   Name: Jenna Ritter  Job Title: Director of Marketing, Zislis Group Resident of: Manhattan Beach  Local Living: 8 years   3 Favorite Dishes at The Strand House in Manhattan Beach:  -Hamachi Crudo  -Scallops -Chili-Spiced Avocado   Drink Your Greens Jenna Ritter After a hike … Read more

12 Ways to Thrive During a Quarantine in Southern California

Stay Inside, Stay Cozy and Stay Busy  Written By: LOCALE Editors  What to Do at Home Staying in is the new going out, we are bumping elbows now instead of shaking hands, emails are replacing meetings (finally) and going outside without a hazmat suit seems scary. There are, however, two sides to every coin. You … Read more

Follow the Yeastie Boys Bagel Truck For the Best Bagels in the LA Game

We’re Here for the Schmear Written By: Dash Finley  Photographed By: Jayme Burrows  Bagel Truck Los Angeles One menu item that isn’t on LA’s list of hometown favorites is the good ol’ fashioned bagel. This absence was noted by Evan Fox, who turned his irritation into inspiration when he co-founded the now-beloved Yeastie Boys bagel … Read more

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