Get Produce Delivered to Your Door With This Local Palm Springs Harvest Box

These Local Entrepreneurs’ Farm-to-Front Door Concept Is the Freshest in Town Farm-to-table has grown in popularity in recent years. But what happens when the tables disappear? Outside-the-box thinking led two local valley entrepreneurs to an inside-the-box solution…literally!  Fresh Produce Delivery Tony Marchese was feeling the effects of the pandemic at his restaurant, Trio, in Palm … Read more

Celebrate National Paella Day at This Authentic Spanish Tapas Bar in Costa Mesa

Dig Into This Delectable, Family-Style Spanish Dish  Saffron seasoning, Spanish rice and a medley of seafood and meats sizzled over an open flame combine to create a culinary masterpiece that dates back to 19th-century Spain. Often the dish that garners the most “wow” in authentic Spanish restaurants, paella is linked back to Valencia, a city … Read more

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