These 3 San Diego Spots are Serving Tacos With a Twist

See What’s on the Menu at Barrel Republic, The Taco Stand, and PB AleHouse

Written By: Jessica Young Best Tacos in San Diego

Tacos are a staple in the diet of just about anyone who calls San Diego “home.” Whether they’re wrapped in fresh tortillas, shaped from hand-pressed masa or filled with the satisfying crunch of a crispy shell, tacos provide the perfect vessel for satisfying just about any food craving you could conjure up. The San Diego dining scene is no stranger to a taco craving. Soft shell, hard shell, flour, corn, traditional and eclectic flavors appear on just about every menu around town. Local eateries Barrel Republic, The Taco Stand and PB AleHouse have their own versions of taco treats that are dishing up this favorite with a special twist.


Barrel Republic

Barrel Republic corners the market on the vegetarian taco, with their cheese crisp taco. Avocado lovers will also go green over the concoction—fresh avocado, queso fresco, lime pickled jalapeños, shredded lettuce and a jalapeño lime vinaigrette. Each taco is made with a quarter of an avocado, so every bite is sure to be rich, creamy and flavorful. Barrel Republic only has a single taco on their menu, and according to chef Michael C. Brown, it’s the best one around, hands down.

“We offer one of the only avocado tacos in San Diego. It is our only taco on the menu and therefore the best,” Brown said. Barrel Republic offers an overall menu that is about 40 percent vegan, which means that all diners can find something they like. Additionally, their kitchen doesn’t house a freezer, so taco tasters can be sure that everything they are stuffing their faces with is fresh and house-made.

215 N Coast Hwy
Oceanside, CA 92054

2961 State St
Carlsbad, CA

PB AleHouse

Honing in on all the seafood lovers, PB AleHouse serves up both fish tacos and shrimp tacos. Diners may waffle between the delectable choices—marinated mahi with chipotle aioli and jalapeño cream or tiger shrimp with Sriracha cream and avocado salsa. Manager Johnny Leal said that the fish tacos are the most popular, but the shrimp tacos pack a punchy kick of spice that diners love. Like Barrel Republic, PB AleHouse boasts a menu chocked full of fresh ingredients and flavorful creations.

“We use fresh products for everything, not just our tacos. We only use the freshest products and source everything as locally as possible. Everything we cook is cooked with love,” said Leal.

721 Grand Ave
San Diego, CA 92109


The Taco Stand

For those that want the authentic, made by hand, experience, The Taco Stand makes their fare just like their counterparts south of the border. Julian Hakim boasted that the Taco Stand just can’t be compared to other San Diego establishments. He’s created menu items that are unique and can’t be found elsewhere—on either side of the border.

“Our best taco is the Al Pastor. It’s such a perfect blend of flavors. Savory, sweet, spicy! It’s the real deal,” Hakim said.

The Taco Stand also serves carne asada (100 percent certified Angus beef) and a Sonora taco, in addition to the Al Pastor. The Sonora is a handmade flour tortilla, with melted cheese, carne asada, guacamole, beans, onion, cilantro and salsa. Everything at The Taco Stand is made fresh, including the melt-in-your-mouth tortillas. “Our menu is very simple. It’s not flashy, it’s not large. Our philosophy is to do a few things but do them well,” Hakim said.

621 Pearl St
La Jolla, CA 92037
Let’s Taco ‘Bout It!

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