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Take Your Art and Thank You Cards to the Next Level with these Calligraphy Artists

Photographed By: Adam Gentry 
Styled By: Melissa Souza Calligraphy Artists

Whether is comes to wedding invitations or just hanging something on your walls, you want a piece that is personal, was handmade with care and has beautiful detailing. It might be tempting to get a poster from a chain store or just have those invites printed, but think twice, because going the extra mile will pay off in the long run. Look no further than these local artists who are taking calligraphy and delicate watercolors to the next level.


Linda Yoshida@lindayoshida

Rebecca Eichten@rebeccaeichten

Lauren Saylor@afabulousfete

MKC Calligraphy & Paperie@mkccalligraphy

Old School: From the 1700s to 1800s, most calligraphy writing was done with a quill; a long, wing tipped feather of a swan, goose, turkey or many other birds.

What’s in a Name? The word “calligraphy” is from the Greek language and means “beautiful writing.”

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