4 Ways to Combat Your Drug Addiction Now

With a Newly Opened Residential Pavilion, Morningside Recovery is Here for You

Written By: Jordan Ligons Morningside Recovery

Every person’s path to recovery is unique to them; there is no linear road with arrows guiding you down a one-way street. At Morningside Recovery, each client’s plan is curated to match their specific needs. Morningside is pet-friendly, offers state-of-the-art facilities, accepts couples and has 24-hour nurses, doctors and therapists working as a team to make Morningside a safe and peaceful environment.

Now offering the full spectrum of care through their Residential Pavilion and Clinical Campus, Morningside has taken their commitment to recovery to a new level.



Supervised drug or alcohol detox is an important first step at their Residential Pavilion, where clients begin their journey with Morningside. Not only does the Residential Pavilion have a 24/7 detox intake department, but their intention is that clients are comfortable and stress-free at all times. Once clients complete this phase on their successful road to recovery, a personalized treatment plan is crafted with the goal of maintaining abstinence, developing healthy habits and establishing important life skills that are needed for recovery.


Residential Treatment

Morningside Recovery’s residential treatment is fully equipped with 24-hour monitoring, tasty gourmet meals and world-class amenities to encourage clients to let their walls down and focus on the ‘why’ in their addiction. This live-in treatment opportunity allows clients to solely focuses on themselves and their sobriety without unnecessary outside distractions.


Intensive Outpatient

Clients advance through their journey with Morningside to the Clinical Campus, where patients progress at their own pace while having full access to counseling and therapy services. Being the most comprehensive program in nation, Morningside’s Intensive Outpatient program offers morning, afternoon and evening sessions where clients will learn more about their triggers, become educated on a range of addiction recovery topics and become involved in support groups. Transportation is provided for these sessions Sundays through Fridays with a weekend activity every Saturday!


Outpatient services like resume building, academic support, the Morningside Adventure Program (M.A.P.), and holistic treatments, where clients practice art therapy, yoga, and more, await for continued growth. At this point patients have earned more freedom by completing the necessary steps previously. Sessions are three hours per week with the goal of a smooth transition into life after treatment.

Morningside also offers a wide spectrum of unique treatment services with the client’s sobriety as the end goal. These services include experiential programs, evidence-based treatments, 12 step programs, non 12 step SMART Recovery program, LGBTQ Recovery and a comprehensive Alumni Program for continued growth.

Morningside Recovery’s expert staff offers personalized, comprehensive care in state-of-the-art facilities to help clients achieve recovery and make better choices every day. Want more information? Head over to www.morningsiderecovery.com or call (866) 725 8565.

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Every Person’s Path to Recovery is Unique, Explore Your Options at Morningside Recovery

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