By: Tiffany J Photography
By: Tiffany J Photography

Pause The World Cup and Watch These LA Athletes Kick Butt This Weekend

Watch Adaptive and Paralympic Athletes Put Their Skills to the Test in LA This Weekend

The 4th Annual Angel City Games are in Full Swing!

Written By: Sarah Amaral Paralympic Sports

This Thursday, June 21-24, UCLA will once again host the 4th annual Angel City Games, and we can’t wait to see what is in store! The event was created by Adaptive Sports USA with the goal to commemorate those with physical disabilities, giving them a chance to show off their impressive athletic skills.

The event includes adaptive and Paralympic sports alike, and provides inclusive competition to athletes of all skill levels who are either visually or physically impaired. Be it archery, tennis, track and fields or swimming, cheer on your favorites as they push the limits of endurance and athleticism. The festivities will include new and exciting features such as five adaptive sports competitions, sports clinics, an awards gala, a family cookout and the celebrity wheelchair basketball game.

“My favorite part of the Angel City Games is getting to know new athletes who have never participated in adaptive sports, and didn’t really understand or know what was possible,” said CEO & Founder of Angel City Sports, Clayton French. “Watching them go from having their heads down, being uncertain and unsure about things, to having their heads up and connecting with peers and mentors that truly understand what they are going through…it’s like watching a flower bloom in front of you.”

Participants travel from all over Southern California, and even some from across the world, to take part in the exciting games. “If you have a physical disability or visual impairment and have not done any adaptive sports, coming to the games will blow your mind. You will realize that anything is possible. You will meet elite Paralympic athletes who travel the world for Team USA.  You will meet other athletes, both recreational and emerging, who can mentor and guide you on your journey to live a healthy, active life,” French added. Each participant has their own unique background story spanning from military veterans to children, all of which delve out a fierce competition.

Attendees will also have a lot to look forward to. “If you don’t have a physical disability, simply put, this event is an amazing opportunity for children—or anyone, for that matter—to learn about the 10 percent of the US population that lives with a physical disability,” French explained. “It helps all of us understand [that] people with disabilities are just normal people whose bodies happen to work differently than others.”

Fun activities are available for everyone to enjoy, including games and sports that guests can play such as curling, golf and rowing, and activities for children. Bring your family and get ready to cheer on the teams, the Angel City Games is an experience everyone will enjoy.

Native Knowledge: Ticket and registration information for the event is available here, so don’t miss out! With the games just around the corner, this is an event that’s sure to change not only the athlete’s lives but yours too!

Angel City Games
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