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From Hollywood to Downey, You’re Sure to Notice Their Work

Written By: Lyndsay Marvin Los Angeles Street Artists

Los Angeles is full of art, whether it’s in a museum or on the street. Street art is especially fun, because it can be seen in everyday life at any time. It’s nearly impossible to drive down any road in LA and not see a beautiful mural or painting. Many of them are so famous that they can be found in museums, exhibitions, and even homes. From spray paint to acrylic to graphite, these artists use whatever necessary to create a unique piece of art for all to see. These five LA street artists have paintings and murals all over the city, there’s no doubt you’ve seen their work.


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Moncho1929 was born and raised in New York City, but is currently living and working in Los Angeles. With a combination of oil and acrylic on canvas, Moncho1929 creates paintings and murals that show how a frozen moment in time also shares a space with motion. He created a collection called Suspended Motion/Royalty, which represents just that. Moncho1929 has been commissioned by NBC’s “The Voice, ” The City of Glendale, City Hall of West Hollywood, just to name a few. His street murals can be found all over LA, including Whole Foods in Playa Vista, La Brea Blvd, Container Yard DTLA, and Hollywood.


Kim West

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Originally exhibiting in Boston, Mass., Kim West is now a painter working in Downtown Los Angeles. She creates her murals using paints such as acrylic house paint and spray paint, and her paintings using materials such as gouache, acrylic, graphite, and ink. West’s collections include Ode to Yosemite, Welcome to Hollywood, There Were No Survivors, and many more. She uses bright paints, often with the focal point being an animal or a person.


Tristan Eaton

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Born in LA, Tristan Eaton has been painting for most his life. When he was 18, he designed his first toy for Fisher Price. From there, with his international renown, Eaton focused on fine art and mural street art (which can be found around the world). Using freehand spray paint, some of his famous LA murals include Rebel Roots at the Rebel 8 DTLA headquarters, Mystic Power in Hollywood (commissioned by Converse), and Today is Tomorrow’s Story (in collaboration with TITS Crew, featuring Shane Jessup (Mews) and Clown), located on Sunset Blvd in Echo Park. His work features bold colors, often showcasing enticing eyes and pop imagery. Eaton has been commissioned by Nike, Versace, and Barack Obama, to name a few.


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WRDSMITH’s name is very fitting, seeing as all his work’s focus is on words. It’s only natural, since WRDSMTH is originally a writer from Chicago. His poetic words are generally found flowing from a painting of an old typewriter (using a combination of stencil and wheatpaste), and often times on electrical boxes found throughout LA. His work can also be found in cities across the world (such as London and Paris). A few famous lines are, “The only lie I ever told you is that I liked you when I already knew I loved you, ” “Aspire to inspire others and the universe will take note, ” and “When all is said and done, make sure you’ve said it all and done your damnedest.” WRDSMTH chooses to remain anonymous, and his anonymity makes his work even cooler.



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Born in Downey, Calif., Bumblebee’s work can be seen in the most unlikely of places throughout Los Angeles. He creates fun and cartoon-like paintings representing issues that are more serious. A large portion of Bumblebee’s work portrays the seriousness of the declining bee population (hence his name), as well as the rise of homeless children. Most his work features children playing, some of them wearing a black and yellow shirt to represent bees. He uses paint, stenciling, and mixed media to create his pieces. Bumblebee’s work can be found in places such as Hollywood, Santa Monica, Culver City, and Downey.

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