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How to Glow in Your Wedding Video

Written By Guest Blogger: Megan Waters of Water Tree Events Wedding Video

Your wedding day brings so many wonderful moments. I get asked all the time by my clients – what do I need to do to look great in my video? Video is kind of a mystery medium because unlike photography we are not looking for you to strike a pose and smile. Couples find themselves lost for what to do to look great on video. Here are 5 tips from a OC’s professional wedding videographer to help you glow in your wedding video.

  1. On camera: Forget the video camera is there. Be yourself and enjoy the moment. Easy and free smiles and don’t worry about your expression. You should not be focused on adjusting for the video camera. Let the video team move around you.
  2. Professional makeup: Considering the details that professional video cameras pick up, the intimacy and tight shots we use to capture these emotional moments,  you should spring for a professional make up artist. This video will be shared with family for years to come. I recommend working with a make up artist who will provide a trial so you know how your make-up will look on the day and that your skin will not react to the products used.  
  3. No pre wedding day drinking: I know it’s hard but, pause popping the bottle of champagne and opt for water. Consuming alcohol and salty foods can make your face puffy when you wake up on your wedding day.
  4. Get your beauty rest: Sleep. Yes, I know you have a bazillion things to do before the wedding day but trust me, delegate the task to a wedding party member or ditch it all together.  It’s time for you to stop working your wedding and be part of it.  Good sleep will give you that glow and energy to last the full day through.
  5. Skin regime changes: If you are thinking about changing your skin cleansing or skin products you use, the time to test this is six months prior to the wedding. Do not change your skincare regimen the week before. You will be under stress from planning the big day, so skin can be more sensitive.  Changing up your products so close to your wedding day can cause your skin to freak out!   

The information in my blogs come from working with wedding clients for the past 10 years. In capturing their stories and creating their time machines I have seen it all and I share my knowledge with you. These blogs are an accumulation of my everyday capturing of real “I dos” take place.  

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