6 Greater Palm Springs Real Estate Agents Talk Market Trends and Growth

When It Comes to Finding Your Ideal Space, This Team Takes It to Another Level

Written By: Ashlee Polarek
Photographed By: Bianca Simonian Agency Real Estate

No matter how many hours of “Million Dollar Listing” one watches, we will never understand what it’s like to be on the other side of the home buying court, unless, of course, you’re a real estate agent. It takes a lot to find that clawfoot tub, open floor plan, large yard, close to town with a room for your art and a yoga studio. Most agents will find a house that checks off most of your list, which is great, unless it doesn’t fit your lifestyle. That’s where The Agency comes in.

The Agency is the West Coast’s premier luxury real estate brokerage and lifestyle company with an office located in Palm Springs. Founded in 2011, The Agency has redefined the real estate business by cultivating a spirit of collaboration, innovation and integrity. Clients and listings are represented in a collaborative environment amongst its agents, providing clients with a true competitive edge in the marketplace.

The Agency goes beyond what a conventional real estate brokerage offers, envisioning itself as a lifestyle company that informs and connects a vast international audience, through new technological advancements, social media strategies, design, marketing and sales solutions for buyers, sellers and investors across the globe.

The Agency has a widespread reach with agents and offices in some of the most desirable locations, both in the United States and abroad, including Greater Palm Springs. The Palm Springs area is unique in that it offers something for everyone, from new buyers to those looking to retire and everyone in between.

When it comes to presenting properties to buyers, Rich Nolan of the GPS office stays true to the mission and focuses on the lifestyle of his buyers. “Palm Springs has something for all styles and tastes. For me, I like to find out the client’s lifestyle first, then find the home that complements their style of living,” he said.

Each member of The Agency team brings something new and unique to the table, much like the properties they represent. Richard Bartholomew represented a house built around an indoor swimming pool. “The living room, dining room and kitchen were all centered around the pool,  connected by bridges,” he adds. “I don’t think this style of living would be for everyone, but it was certainly very cool to look at and different from most of the homes we see.”

Dedicated to success, agents like Maria and Mike Patakas are sure to focus on quality work.

They approach buyers a little differently. “We focus on the value of the lot the home sits on, the attributes and the long-term potential. Because our market is mainly second-home based, we have to make sure to present properties with strong characteristics, so when a buyer goes to sell, they will have a better chance of maximizing profit,” Maria Patakas said. As for what attributes an agent looks for to ensure the success of each listing, Maria says, “The most important thing is that the seller has maintained the property consistently and will do what it takes to have the property show at its very best. When discussing what requirements agents like to have met before taking on a property they think “the most important requirement is if the seller is maintaining the property consistently or if they will do what it takes to have the property show as best as possible. Even if it is a resale, we want to present it just like a new model home to the market. We put a lot of attention and investment into the listings we represent and aim to exceed our clients’ expectations on every transaction.”

The Palm Springs team strives to ensure that their clients are happy and confident about their decisions, whether buying or selling. They go above and beyond to build relationships and provide personalized service, such as Mike Stevins, who takes road trips to Santa Monica to represent a client’s daughter in the purchase of a house. “To me, it is zero percent about markets and 100 percent about quality relationships,” Stevins said. “I am very close with my clients, and I once heard a client jokingly say ‘Michael, there isn’t a barbecue, birthday, bar mitzvah or sale at Fred Segal that we haven’t seen you at.’ Who doesn’t love a good sale?”

The team also stays on top of trends in the market, which varies depending on buyer demographics. According to The Agency’s Joe Chung, the area is a melting pot of trends, due to a rise in second-home buyers who don’t always have a defined taste. According to Chung, millennial buyers tend to be drawn to midcentury homes, and while older buyers prefer other architectural styles. Keeping tabs on trends like these helps the agents stay successful and relevant in an ever-changing marketplace.

The Agency corners all ends of the market, which helps keep its agents so well stocked with an inventory of gorgeous homes. When a company goes to such great lengths to guide you through the sale or purchase of a home, you know you’ve found a winner.

Giving Back: The Agency was the first real estate brokerage to partner with Giveback Homes, where every donation directly helps build homes for families in need.

Going Global: The Agency partners with Savills, a global network of over 600 offices, helping link clients to 30,000 agents in markets such, as Asia, Europe, Australia and India.  

High-Profile Listings: GPS is home to numerous high-profile homes including the Frank Sinatra house, listed by Rich Nolan: “When I represented the former Frank Sinatra residences, there were a lot of unique features and amazing history that I couldn’t disclose, but I can talk about the helicopter pad—that was pretty cool.”

What’s Your Dream House? Agents have wish lists too.

Richard Nolan:  “A very large garage. I am really into cars and motorcycles.”

Mike Stevins: “It has to be the in-home movie theater; that’s our favorite place. We just have fun family time and laugh or cry, depending on the journey the movie takes us on.  Actually, it is the only time no one can get a hold of me because it is declared ‘no cell phone family time.’”

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