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Get to Know Ruby’s Diner Costa Mesa with Associate Marketing Director Blake Trivison

Written by: Jocelyn You 6 Reasons You Should Love Ruby’s Diner

With its iconic candy-striped servers and bold, red-lettered logo, Ruby’s Diner is home to everything from milkshakes to fries, patty melts to club sandwiches. From its initial establishment at the edge of the Balboa Pier to its expansion to nationwide locations, Ruby’s Diner continues to carry the American spirit with pride, joy and delicious flavors. Its menu is focused on creating classic American diner dishes but, of course, with a Ruby’s twist. Ruby’s brings diners back to a simpler era when The Andrews Sisters were the cat’s meow and soda pop was served in larger-than-life Coca Cola cups. Each location is a beloved time capsule where diners can enjoy the comfort of old memories and make new ones to cherish.

Ruby’s Associate Director of Marketing Blake Trivison provides a closer look into what makes Ruby’s so special. Her bubbly personality and cheery voice match Ruby’s policy of good, friendly service as Trivison shares the history of Ruby’s and six of its signature dishes.

Q: When was Ruby’s Diner founded?
Blake Trivison: Ruby’s was founded on Dec. 7, 1982 by Doug Cavanaugh. The first location was the Balboa Pier and is essentially a converted bait shop. Doug dedicated the diner to his mother, Ruby, and people liked it so much that the diner eventually grew.

Q: What are six of the top dishes?
BT: For breakfast, we have the Cinnamon Roll French Toast. The French toast is special because we receive the cinnamon rolls from a local Orange County bakery—we’ve been doing that for years—and dip it into our own French toast batter. Our most popular dishes come from the lunch and dinner menus, however, and the first is the classic Ruby Burger. It’s a juice, delicious cheeseburger with your choice of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and an all-natural USDA-approved beef patty, but the secret Ruby sauce is what makes it special. The second most popular is our Hickory Burger, which again uses a half pound of the all-natural beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato and secret sauce, but we add barbecue sauce and Ruby [onion] rings to it. The third most popular sandwich is the Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich, which consists of slices of turkey breast, a tangy cranberry sauce, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise all piled high on our Ruby roll, which is similar to a torta roll. Apart from the sandwiches, the chili is also a popular choice on the menu, and we try to stress that it’s made with no beans. No beans, just shredded beef—an original recipe made on the Balboa Pier at the first location. Lastly, we have the ever-so-famous milkshakes. The most ordered flavors are the Hershey’s Chocolate, Double Vanilla, Strawberry and Oreo—classic American dining for you.

Q: Why are these dishes so well liked?
BT: Everything at Ruby’s is very “flavor profiled.” The menu sticks to classic American dishes, and recipes are never changed. Ruby’s is always consistent, making long-time diners come back time after time again and new diners turn into long-term ones.

Q: Seeing that Ruby’s dishes are typical of any American diner, what about them sets Ruby’s apart from other diners?
BT: Our quality, in both products and services, is out of this world. Our ingredients are natural and produce is hand cut every day. Our recipes are our own and have been since the diner started in 1982. We are consistent. Every staff worker is incredibly friendly and welcoming to each diner. We care a lot about the time and effort put into each meal, each diner, each visit.

Q: Knowing that each venue has its own twist, what is the atmosphere like at the Costa Mesa location?
BT: Each location is modeled after Doug’s mother’s time period, which was the 1940s. She was a cheerleader in high school then, so the decor and music is inspired by her upbringing. But the Costa Mesa location is the one location that focuses on Doug’s upbringing—the 1960s. There are a lot of blues, browns and yellows as opposed to the well-known red and white. We play The Beatles on the speakers and ‘60s cartoons on the TVs. There are framed photographs of Marilyn Monroe and the Space Race. It’s all part of Doug growing up.

Q: How should a diner feel at Ruby’s?
BT: A diner should feel relaxed and welcomed. It should feel like you’re a child at grandma’s house eating American comfort food.

Ruby’s Diner

3333 Bear Street Ste 120
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
714.662.7829 | www.rubys.com