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7 Reasons SOCIAL Costa Mesa is Your One-Stop-Shop for a Foodie’s Night Out

A Costa Mesa Hot Spot to Gather with Friends to Enjoy Great Food, Atmosphere, and Cocktails

Written By: Tamara Philips  SOCIAL Costa Mesa

SOCIAL Costa Mesa is one of the trendiest spots you’ll find to dine out on 19th Street. And once you have finished your meal, there’s no need to meet up with your friends at a bar elsewhere. The open floorplan concept turns into a poppin’ nightlife scene once the sun goes down. There’s plenty of room for everyone to sit (or stand), mingle, enjoy bar bites, and craft cocktails. With all of these reasons and more, SOCIAL Costa Mesa is a one-stop-shop for a night out.


  1. Commitment to Quality

This lively restaurant is a labor of love for Owner Andrew Dorsey. With his passion for this business, he makes it a priority to maintain the quality of every item that comes from the kitchen. And what makes SOCIAL unique is their unofficial no to-go orders policy to maintain such a high standard. “In most cases, restaurant owners don’t know the delivery driver [of a to-go service], who has no allegiance to the restaurant. If there’s a mix-up, the food ends up cold and does not resemble what the guest is expecting,” Dorsey says. “There would be no way for us to ensure the product arrives hot and fresh, and because we’re focused on creating a social atmosphere, those delivery services just don’t work for us. We prefer instead to be a place where people gather to enjoy great food, drinks, and conversation.”


  1. Trivia Night Every Wednesday!

On Wednesdays, you can bring your whole crew for some drinks and trivia. It’s the perfect break in the week to get you through to the weekend. Sign ups begin at 8 p.m. and the trivia begins at 8:30 p.m. The Artisanal Cheese & Charcuterie board is a tasty menu item to share with your pals while you put your factoid knowledge to the test.


  1. Killer Cocktails

Whether you’re a sipper or a gulper, SOCIAL has the drink for you. If you’re feeling fancy, order one of the many master creations from Bar Manager David Valiante. Or if you just need a cold one at the end of the day, there are a variety of local draught beers to choose from as well. But whatever you choose, it’s handpicked by the team at SOCIAL to ensure the tastes you love from the current season or temperature. “We keep everything seasonal and fresh, and always let our guests influence our menu direction. For example, we create a new cocktail and give it a run as our Cocktail of the Week. If it sells well, we bring it onto the menu and rotate something off that is coming out of season,” Valiante says. “We continue to offer the heavy-hitters that our guests love, like our Gunslinger, Alimony & Monkey Business cocktails.”


  1. Delectable Bar Snacks

This just in: a brand new menu with savory snacks that you can only order from the bar. The roundup includes Smoked Trout Dip and the Falafel Crusted Lamb Chop. For a sweet treat, try the coffee cream filled donut—it’s the perfect marriage of the sweet chocolate glaze and the slightly bitter coffee cream filling. Guaranteed you’ve never felt so fancy sitting at a bar stool.

  1. $1 Oyster Tuesdays!

With the “Buck a Shuck” happening every Tuesday night, you can slurp all the oysters you want when they’re only a dollar! The Magic Carpet Ride cocktail pairs wonderfully—with Ketel One, Sauvignon Blanc, jasmine, and grapefruit. It’ll give you a new fantastic point of view.


  1. Trendy Decor Perfect for Instagram

The reclaimed wood wall with large marquee letters that read “SOCIAL” is an incredibly trendy looking backdrop to take Instagram-worthy photos. Do it for the “gram,” am I right? Also, you may catch a classic ‘80s movie on display on the screen behind the bar. Watching Patrick Swayze bust some sexy moves with Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing while I sip my Monkey Business cocktail? Count me in.


  1. New and Innovative Menu Items on the Regular

Executive Chef Brian Jenzer likes to work with ingredients during their peak season, so sometimes these items are only available for a week or so until the ingredients go out of season. “We pay attention to what guests are liking—if it’s a dish that’s really resonating, then we’ll keep in on the menu for a while. Likewise, if a new menu addition falls flat, we’ll take it off and come up with something else,” Jenzer says. “Signature items that we love and are known for, like our Tri-Tip, Pig’s Head, 28-oz. Ribeye and our handmade tagliatelle, are untouchable because they represent our point of view and are sought out by some of our more adventurous eaters.” And there are certain classic dishes that guests order repeatedly like the Drive Thru Burger, House Fries, Chicken & Waffles, Brussels Sprouts and Cinnamon & Sugar Donuts that SOCIAL continues to keep on the menu.

SOCIAL Costa Mesa
512 W 19th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Costa Mesa’s Epic Communal Dining Spot

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