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Get Your Next Meal From One of These Hot Spots on Wheels

Written By: Lyndsay Marvin Food Trucks Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for many things; the nightlife, the lights and the scenery, just to name a few. The restaurant scene is great, but there’s another thing Vegas has become known for: food trucks. With a high number of tourists visiting every year, not to mention the plethora of citizens, it’s no wonder Vegas has become a mecca of the food truck industry. From healthy food to fresh Maine lobster, to alcohol-infused cookies, they have everything! They even make appearances at corporate offices and birthday parties. Below, you’ll find our top picks!


50 Shades of Green
What to Order: Turkey Pesto Panini

50 Shades of Green is a healthier food truck option with a focus on clean eating. The menu consists of things like paninis, soups, grilled cheese and vegan quinoa. “We really watched what we put in our bodies and tried to reduce unnecessary items like food coloring, additives, preservatives and anything we couldn’t pronounce—except quinoa, quinoa is good,” said owner Kelly Torres.

Native Knowledge: Their sister truck is Unicorn Poop: a shaved snow, smoothie, and slushie truck.


Bad Ass Coffee Truck
What to Order: Hot: Hawaiian Coffee. Cold: Frozen Blended Signature Latte

Anything with the name “Bad Ass” has to be awesome, right? Well, they live up to that standard. Bad Ass Coffee Truck offers 100 percent Kona, Hawaiian signature blends. Whether someone likes their coffee hot, iced or frozen (blended), this truck has it. Their menu also consists of items like smoothies and shaved ice. The Hawaiian colors and paintings on this truck will surely capture your attention.

Native Knowledge: Bad Ass Coffee is available for purchase online.


The Cookie Bar
What to Order: Booze Munch

Can’t decide between a cookie or that cocktail? Don’t fret, The Cookie Bar food truck offers baked goods infused with alcohol! What’s better than that? They use a commercial kitchen for the baking (fresh daily), and then take those treats on the road for all of Vegas to try. There are different flavors every day. Two trucks are bright pink, and one is yellow, both featuring photos of cookies; they can’t be missed!

“My great grandmother would always make rum cakes and bourbon balls, so we took this concept and mixed it with our love for baking cookies and other treats and the results were surprisingly tasty! Our concept is not just about the alcohol but more about creating really fresh small batch cookies and treats that can be enjoyed by everyone. You can taste the love in every bite,” says Founder and Owner Jennifer Baumgartner. “Our most popular item is our Booze Munch. It’s a rum-infused, caramel-coated puffed corn and it’s extremely addicting.”

Native Knowledge: The Cookie Bar is the smallest food truck in Las Vegas. It’s only 10 feet long by six feet wide!


The Corndog Company LV
What to Order: Ask them to add honey to the corn dog for the real Corndog Company experience.

The Corndog Company LV food truck originated in St. George, UT. They create delicious corn dogs, with each hand dipped to order and fried to golden perfection. Sometimes, they offer fried cheese sticks filled with pepper jack or American cheese!

Native Knowledge: They can be found at Fiiz Drinks on the Westside every Monday.


Cousins Maine Lobster
What to Order: Lobster Grilled Cheese

Cousins Maine Lobster food truck is probably most recognized as the food truck that was on the show Shark Tank on ABC. Co-founded by cousins Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac in 2012, the food truck offers lobster dishes using fresh Maine lobster. These dishes include lobster tacos, lobster rolls, and of course, Whoopie Pies. They opened a brick and mortar in West Hollywood, CA, and have food trucks all over the country. They also offer fresh delivery!

Native Knowledge: The Cousins Maine Lobster truck can always be found on the corner of Fremont St and Las Vegas Blvd in Downtown Las Vegas.


Buster’s Dawg House
What to Order: The Buster Dog

Buster’s Dawg House food truck, named after the owner’s black labrador “Buster,” creates unique and tasty hot dogs. They use Hebrew National 100 percent beef and kosher hot dogs for the best taste and quality. The menu consists of dishes like pulled pork sandwiches, barbecue nachos and homemade lemonade.


Boqueria Street
What to Order: Vaca Saltada, which has braised beef, manchego cheese, red onion and chili mayo.

The newest food truck on the list is the urban Spanish truck Boqueria, founded this past January. The three owners are bringing famous Spanish Bocata Rolls and tapas to Vegas. Chef Oscar Amador focuses his cuisine on seasonal flavors. The bocata rolls are made to order with freshly baked bread. Choices for the rolls range from Serrano ham and Barcelona sausages, to chicken escabeche and braised beef.

Native Knowledge: They offer daily chef specials, so check out their Facebook page for updates!


What to Order: Japanese Burrito with Kim Chee Fried Rice on the side

Truk-N-Yaki is a brightly colored Japanese teppanyaki-hibachi style food truck. They’re best known for their Japanese burritos, which contain meat (ribeye, chicken, shrimp), rice, vegetables and sauce. There are two styles of sauce: mas sauce or house sauce. They also offer plates and bowls, with a choice of meat, rice and sauce.

Native Knowledge: Truk-N-Yaki can be delivered through UberEats and DoorDash.

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