8 of Southern California’s Best Bloody Marys

You Can Have Your Bloody Mary and Eat It Too

Written By: Ashlee Polarek
Photographed By: Nathan Whelan, Jane Chouteau, Bhadri Kubendran and Kristin Anderson

A loaded bloody mary is the perfect addition to your Sunday brunch—especially photo-worthy when it’s stacked as high as your face! Whether you’re looking for a bomb bloody in your own backyard or you’re wanting to explore a bit, we’ve got you covered with some of the best bloodies in Southern California.


Palm Springs

BLT Mary
Jake’s Palm Springs

House-made bloody mary mix and homemade bacon infused vodka sends the BLT Mary at Jake’s right to the top. This meal in a cup is garnished with a skewer of crispy applewood bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato and a perfect piece of toast. Great for curing a hangover or starting the day off with bacon boozy goodness.


Franken Mary
Sloan’s Restaurant

This 32-ounce behemoth truly is a meal in a cup. The homemade bloody mary mix is garnished with crisp celery stalks, asparagus, a Slim Jim, a melty cheeseburger slider, a shrimp skewer, two chicken wings, bacon, two cheese sticks, and a garnish kabab made up of fresh lemon, lime and orange wedges, olive, onion and cherry.


Orange County

Buddy’s Bloody Mary
Lighthouse Bayview Cafe

A bloody mary of massive proportions, Buddy’s Bloody at Lighthouse Bayview Cafe is fresh and filling.The 32-ounce bloody is made up of a homemade mix, and is garnished with fresh lemon and lime, pickled asparagus, crisp celery, crumbly gorgonzola, a green olive, salami, a cherry tomato and a pickled pearl onion plus a chili salted rim. The enormous drink lives up to the man (Buddy) it was inspired by.


Ramos House Bloody Mary
Ramos House Cafe

The stacked-to-the top Ramos House Bloody Mary has been around for 19 years. Created as a cure for a New Year’s Eve hangover, this delectable drink is one for the books. Made with soju and house crafted mary mix, the unique drink is topped with a scotch quail egg, pickled string beans and a crab claw.


San Diego County

Jurassic Pork Bloody Mary
Breakfast Republic in Encinitas

The Jurassic Pork Bloody Mary from Breakfast Republic is garnished with thick cut bacon, celery, olives, a tangy lemon wedge, and a cornichon. The mouth watering Jurassic Pork bacon, a crowd favorite at the restaurant, is marinated in brown sugar and paprika, delivering balanced spicy and sweet flavor that perfectly tops the brilliantly colored bloody.


BBQ Bloody Mary
That Boy Good Southern BBQ Joint

Jalapeño infused vodka, house made mary mix and barbecue sauce are what makes the base of this unique bloody mary delicious. On top you’ll find a two- to three-boned cut of smoked pork baby back ribs, a green olive, fresh celery stick, house pickled okra and green beans, and a brisket rub rimmed glass, sure to have you licking your fingers asking for seconds.


Los Angeles

Sunday Bloody Sunday
Rock and Brews

The Sunday Bloody Sunday at Rock and Brews is a classic hit. Garnished with savory bacon, celery sticks, lemon and lime, three olives, pickled okra, and a deliciously spiced rim, this bloody mary will have you wanting to rock and roll all night.


Mama Betty’s Bloody Mary
The Bellwether

Inspired by Grandma Betty, Mamma Betty’s Bloody Mary features a spicy habanero infused vodka, made in house, and a refreshing and flavorful homemade bloody mary mix. To avoid the usual, the Bellwether garnishes their bloody with a mini BLT, a peperoncini, a cornichon and bacon salt around the rim.
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