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We Sat Down With Wellness Expert Shane Griffin to Talk Nutrition, Self-Improvement and Achieving Whole Life Balance.

Written By: Michelle Armstrong A Whole Life Balance with Wellness Guru Shane Griffin

He’s passionate, he’s tenacious and he’s a health nut – a compliment that speaks to his expertise. Shane Griffin is his name, and holistic wellness is his game.

A certified nutritional practitioner and life coach, the Canadian-born entrepreneur recently celebrated his second anniversary since founding Whole Life Balance, a boutique wellness studio in downtown Santa Monica – neighboring the ever-iconic Third Street Promenade, and coincidentally, Whole Foods. From nutrition consulting and sculpting-fitness classes to fascial stretching, massage, and IV vitamin drip therapies, Griffin’s approach to whole living is one deeply rooted in his past; using the narrative of his experiences, moving from addiction to  recovery by creating and maintaining a life in balance—Shane hopes to inspire others toward a healthy lifestyle.

Question: In a nutshell, why did you decide to found Whole Life Balance?

Shane Griffin: Through my own addiction recovery and even while training to be a life coach, this idea of “whole living” came to me the active pursuit of balancing out your life. And naturally that balance is different for every person. Whole Life Balance is a nutrition consultancy, but has evolved based on the needs of our clients now offering a more integrated, holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle.

Q: What is whole living?

SG: Whole living is about living in the present; being fully [engaged] where you are at with yourself in every aspect of life everything, good, bad and ugly. Worrying about the past changes nothing. But actively pursuing a balance in the present helps [foster] clarity and inner peace. After all, everything is interconnected.

Q: We always hear about the famed trio of health, wellness and fitness. Why is this combination important to whole living?

SG: Interestingly, we rarely separate these three, often poising them as one. This trio perfectly defines different parts of our being; each feeding into the other, and ultimately guiding us to a whole living balance. Health references a state of being; wellness, a state of mind; and fitness, a state of body. When properly balanced, you feel better and are more focused on the details of your daily life.

Q: As we enter the winter months, how can this seasonal change affect a person’s health and what can we do to keep our energy up and immunity high?

SB: When the seasons change, even in Southern California, it’s very common for people to experience S.A.D. – meaning Seasonal Affective Disorder. When it’s cold, we tend to hibernate, which can cause depression and anxiety. We [unintentionally] become inactive, affecting our physicality and emotional state as well. But we need to keep our energy and immunity levels high to maintain our well-being. Eating in-season fruits and vegetables will help (like leafy greens, ginger, walnuts and squash), but doses of B-Vitamins and Vitamin D are easy remedies as well.

Q: Winter nutrition: What should we be eating?

SB: I never prescribe a set diet, as each person is different; what works for one, may not be best for another. But during the winter months, citrus is an extremely important addition to your diet. Oranges and grapefruits are actually one the richest forms of Vitamin C; and both happen to be winter foods at their peak.

Q: Why are IV vitamin drips becoming more attractive when pursuing our health?

SB: When administered properly, an IV drip simply delivers a high concentration of vitamins and minerals to the body, bypassing the digestive tract, allowing the dosage concentration to be five times stronger than when taken orally. Daily vitamin supplements, while beneficial, typically average a 30 percent absorption rate; whereas an IV drip offers 100 percent absorption. With 11 different types of drips currently on tap, each pharmaceutical grade and organically based, we are able to easily customize each dose to the needs of our clients.

Q: What are your most popular IV drips and how can we benefit for them?

SB: By far, the Balance Drip is a client favorite. It is the one-stop drip that is a perfect mix of vitamins and minerals to assist in overall wellness; ideal for someone on-the-go who wants to maintain homeostasis and balance. A close second is our Social Drip, designed with the best intentions to repair and rehydrate. Packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea meds and vitamins, it helps get you feeling better faster.

Q: How have IV drips assisted your clients?

SB: I’ve personally seen IV drips help reduce migraines, aches and pains, and dehydration, while increasing energy and immunity levels. In fact, studies have shown that weekly, and even semi-monthly doses are quite effective. My clients tell me all the time that they feel refreshed, sleep better and are more productive and focused while being in a more relaxed state of mind at the same time.

Q: Regarding the exercise programs you offer, why the combination of yoga, Pilates, massage, acupuncture and fascial stretch therapy?

SB: As our studio has grown, I wanted to offer my clients the space to explore the various therapies we recommend and support—a concierge wellness center, so to speak, with an open and inviting ambiance. But even more so, the combination of these practices are interrelated. It goes back to the concept of whole living—being able to approach health, wellbeing, and fitness in an integrated format that helps people reach their goals for better health.

Q: In addition to meeting the needs of your clientele, your community involvement is impressive. Why is this important to you?

SB: For me, getting involved is a very personal thing. Not only have people within my family and circle of friend been affected, but it’s a way to pay it forward. I’m lucky in that I have a second chance at life to make a difference. Raised in Canada, my parents taught me that “we are all in this together.” I have two legs and two feet, two arms and hands, two ears, two eyes I can do something as a result. Giving back gives me overall balance in my life, and a way for me to inspire others as well.

Q: How has the Whole Life Balance regimen changed lives?

SB: I have seen everything, including complete life 180s from addiction to optimum health. But on a daily basis, I see happier clients, who are attaining a goal and feeling better about themselves. We see many people utilizing us as a contributor to their health and wellness.

Q: Anything new to announce for the holidays?

SB: We are excited to be unveiling a new website before the end of the year—a new look that is simple, clean and easier to navigate. We also have a few specials beginning in December, along with weekly giveaways on our Instagram page. Follow us on social media for all the details.

Griffin’s Tips for a Healthier Holiday:

  • Cocktail Portions: When attending a party with a buffet, grab a cocktail plate instead of a larger one. This trick still allows you to enjoy the foods offered, but with a smaller portion size that still satisfies your appetite.
  • Sleep Well: Even with the addition of holiday functions, be sure to maintain a healthy sleep pattern. Try to get six-to-seven hours of sleep on a regular basis.  
  • Stay Hydrated: For overall health, stay hydrated throughout the day to help increase energy levels and alertness. A spot of water between alcoholic beverages can reduce hangover effects and speed your recovery. Try lemon water with a little cayenne pepper or even lemon and honey with alkaline water first thing in the morning; this helps jump start your metabolism for better digestive health.
  • Time Out: Give yourself a break, literally. Take five minutes or an hour for some quiet time. Try putting your cell phone away and read a book or reflect on your day; whatever it is, take time for you.

Making Strides: Griffin and his team recently raised funds for the Making Strides of Santa Monica in support of breast cancer awareness and research. They also supported Lupus of LA, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Rheumatoid Arthritis Foundation, among others.

Whole Life Balance
507 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 101
Santa Monica, CA 90401

B A L A N C I N G /// Act. Wellness Expert Shane Griffin Gives Us The Lowdown On Nutrition, Self-Improvement And Achieving Whole Life Balance.