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ABBA The Concert: A Tribute to ABBA

Written By: Angela Hatcher

Photography By: Ron Elkman

ABBA cad-a-bra! The sheer magic of ABBA was “Bjorn-again” on Segerstrom Center for the Arts magnificent stage. For one night only, the extraordinarily super-talented and devoted cover band lovingly brought one of the pop era’s greatest musical soundtracks alive. Formed in Stockholm in 1972, the original members were Agnetha Fattskogg, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lynsgstad. It was from the first initials of their Swedish given names that the acronym, ABBA was created. The new sound singing sensation soon became a hit, and ABBA quickly became an internationally known household name. For well over a decade, 21st Century Artists, Inc. has been presenting its ABBA tribute show throughout North America. This is the most well-rehearsed and best tribute band and homage to
a rock group ever imagined.


As the concert was about to begin at SCFTA, laser lights beamed down and flashed about across the darkened stage. The well-produced sound of a helicopter landing filled the stage and the audience was still. Abba, the Concert’s band, got into position for what was to be an exciting two hours. And then, the lights came up, and there stood the group decked out in fabulous costumes of pure white with gold accents. As the music started and ABBA the Concert began to play and sing, it was nearly impossible to remain seated.

The audience roared, and all generations of audience members let their inner “dancing queens” take over. Rockin’ out, dancing feet, swaying arms, and singing along became part of the captivated crowd’s animated response to what everyone knew was a particularly fun and memorable moment in time. It was a party! As the familiar tunes rang out, the ABBA look-a-likes changed into one fantastic costume after another. The girls were dazzling in midnight blue catsuits at one point with black knee-high boots covered with layers of fringe towards the end of the second act. It was a fashion show that exemplified the young 70s rock visionaries’ moment in time.


As the foursome led the parade down memory lane, the harmonies were so on point that even a betting man would lose his shirt if he laid his money down on anything less than the “real thing.” The lighting techniques added another dimension to the experience with a stunning red and gold lit swirling design at one point during the show. The ABBA phenomena made its mark on yet a new generation of music lovers as the tribute band continued to bring songbook memories to devotees of the legendary sound.

As the band got deeper into the groove, the singers took turns soloing, and singing the ABBA harmonies as duets and quartets that gave them that certain sound and special blend. While each number spoke volumes to the audience, one highlight was the solo, “Winner Takes All.” The Swedish experience crossed all borders, and this loving tribute was the best of the best. It has been said, “This is the closest to ABBA you’ll ever get.” And, from a Swedish point of view, det var fantastiskt! Translation: It was fantastic!

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