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Written By: Marissa Wright Add a Little Boost of Green to Your Home
Photography By: Stephen Panosia

The Expert: Kyle Johnson
Credentials: President, Seed Landcare

Step Six: Give Your Home a Boost of Green.

House? Check. Furnishings? Check. Accessories? Check. You might be ready to congratulate yourself on a job well done, but it would be a little premature. Your home might seem ready for a housewarming party, but if you want your property to stand out and have that X factor — landscaping is the way to go. Don’t have a green thumb? No need to worry – Kyle Johnson and Seed Landcare are there to tailor plants and their maintenance to fit your lifestyle.

With many successful jobs under his belt, Johnson exudes the subtle confidence that accompanies those who are masters in their field. While his demeanor is comforting and makes you feel at ease, it is Johnson’s continued dedication to furthering his knowledge of the latest systems, technology, and trends that makes Seed Landcare something special. Translating a deep background in horticulture, landscape architecture, and irrigation into boutique designs has been a natural progression. Beginning with mostly residential projects, it was not long before Johnson was providing consulting services and directing major construction projects. Johnson now focuses on surrounding himself with highly talented people by creating innovative and visually stunning landscape designs and construction. His expertise means you won’t have to worry about whether certain plants work well under your specific conditions because his goal isn’t just to make it beautiful – it’s to make it last. Even with drought conditions, Johnson and his team can ensure the well-being of your gardens with their advanced maintenance systems. They even have irrigation systems that can be programmed remotely in case you are out of town and don’t have someone to water your plants.

If you are the type to stay up to the minute with trends or would like to have a statement garden, a living wall is for you. While the idea of a greenwall is nothing new (Babylon had hanging gardens and Japan has used climbing plants to create “green facades” for years), the evolution of their implementation has been impressive to say the least. You can spot living walls in many urban areas, and they are used inside office buildings somewhat frequently after studies have shown that visible plant life boosts happiness and productivity. Gone are the days of sterile working environments, so why not bring that same philosophy to your home? Seed Landcare specializes in blending the science of creating sustainable, long-lasting green walls with an artistic flair of a painter or sculptor. Not only are greenwalls a great addition to any residential landscape project, but they can also incorporate company logos and can be made of succulents or even edible herbs for restaurant applications. Whether you want to place your living wall indoors, outside or construct it on a large or small scale, Johnson and his team can choose the right plants and design to get the results you’re looking for. They’ll also bless you with a self-supported watering system, so your maintenance is almost non-existent. Partnered with the leading provider of vertical greenwalls in North America, Seed Landcare is proud to bring industry-leading greenwall construction to every client.

Tips for Decorating With a Living Wall:
1. Keep Your Color Scheme Simple: Softer earth tones and natural materials (wood, stone, etc.) will showcase the vibrant, greenwall you’re adding and usually coordinate best.
2. Get Creative: When used on a smaller scale, a living wall is best thought of as living art. By utilizing different types of plants within the same piece, you can add extra dimension and movement to your own design.
3. Go Big: If you plan on using a living wall on a large area inside the home, treat it like wallpaper and keep any designs within the wall simple.
4. Work With a Professional: Despite what Pinterest may tell you, constructing and installing your own vertical garden is not a DIY project. Working with a professional will ensure your wall will look incredible and actually last.

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