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Modern Pillows For Your Yard

Written By Guest Blogger: Jessica Haberer Pillow Tips

Warm weather has arrived, you have your furniture in place and your outdoor space is officially ready for entertaining. But something’s missing. Our favorite solution? The finishing touch of adding pillows to soften modern and contemporary spaces and create an inviting look on the patio. Throw pillows on outdoor furnishings invite people to join in and relax, while maintaining that modern look we love. Read on for a round-up of some of our favorite seasonal pillow finds. But first, let’s start with a few general rules when it comes to styling with pillows.

Determine your Sizes

Oversize pillows (24”) create a more casual, loungey feel and look great on an exaggerated wicker loveseat. If you have a more modern piece of furniture like a low-back sectional, consider standard size pillows (16-18”). For a backless bench, mix and match several sizes to create a welcoming nook as shown in the image below.


Keep it Varied

While we love the look of various textiles, it’s not always an option for an outdoor space since you are limited to durable fabrics. But you can still achieve a luxurious look by choosing a series of pillows in the same color family while varying the shades, prints or sizes.


Work in Odds

Perfection and symmetry take away from a lived-in look. Outdoor spaces are about recreation so keep it casual. The rule of threes says that things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings.

Now that you’ve got the basics of pillow styling down (which, by the way also applies to indoor pillows), let’s take a look at the trending shapes this season:


Throw Beds

Don’t limit yourself to strictly outdoor styles. Throw beds are meant to be used as the name implies…to just toss down anywhere. Indoor or outdoor, rural or urban. You will find a useful place for these casual oversized pillow beds. With a relaxed look, the beds come with ties so you can roll up your bed for easy mobility. They even have a washable and detachable cover. We can’t get enough of the versatility of these pieces, you can even use them to update a cushion on an outdoor sectional by layering it on top for a fresh look.

Beata Henrichs, who began HEDGEHOUSE in her Los Angeles garage in 2010, started with the singular idea of inventing a versatile bed to use anywhere. From there, the collection has expanded to a full line of products in her signature fabrics, and we’re so happy it has!


Lumbars and Bolsters

Pillows shouldn’t be limited to sofas and sectionals. Add distinctive styling with a bolster on a chair to keep it from looking lonely-they have a way of fitting perfectly. A lumbar on a chaise not only adds some style but also turns it into a true lounging experience.

And of course the standard square shape is an essential.

Now, onto the fun stuff: the prints and colors that we are loving for a garden-inspired outdoor space.


Bohemian Prints

While we love a good ikat, we’ve kind of gotten our fill of it in the past few years. But the ikat has paved the way for more globally inspired prints, perfect for that hotel-inspired outdoor space. Have little ones? Create a mini teepee area for them and cush’ it up with a pile of pillows.


On Our Radar: Jiti Home

Jiti draws inspiration from Latin American culture, the founder being of Argentinian heritage, as well as a love for Indian cultures. The vibrant range of luminous colors and rich patterns crafted by artisans in India make the global influence evident while reflecting modern living. Drawing on techniques such as hand block printing and dye techniques, Jiti creates an enriching addition to any palette.



It’s no secret that we love our neutrals, but now we are seeing a trend with these basics being incorporated into outdoor spaces. Let the natural greenery make the statement and go for understated gray pillows or a black and white story. Against the backdrop of a stone path, ivy covered brick walls or driftwood furniture finishes, neutrals create a timeless look that will stay beautiful throughout the seasons.


On Our Radar: Lacefield Designs

Started by Atlanta based award-winning textile artist Beth Lacefield, the collection is known for its sophisticated styling, globally inspired prints and fashion forward details. The pieces are perfectly finished, with an artisan’s attention to detail, and there’s a range of styles to compliment all tastes.



To add some drama, consider some bling. Bring in some glamour with copper, gold, and silver pillows, adding some formality to an outdoor space. These luxe colors and textures also add a perceived value to your patio.

Do you have any pillow styling tips or favorite brands on your radar?


Author Bio: Jessica Haberer is an active blogger and part of the Gardenology team in San Diego. Gardenology is a retail home decor and interior design boutique with two brick and mortar establishments in Southern California. Gardenology is a forerunner in the upscale outdoor market and has proven to be a forward-thinking leader in the home design arena.

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