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Get the Deets on Why Almost Bare Podcast is Trending

Written By: Taylor Haynes
Photography Provided By: Tamar Levine Almost Bare Podcast

The Almost Bare Podcast answers all the sex, love, wellness and relationship-related questions you’ve been too shy to ask. Covering topics ranging from STDs to consent to having sex while on hallucinogens, the pod’s hosts, Lyndsay Soprano and Jon Ramirez, are impressively candid in sharing their own sexual experiences, perspectives and all the dirty secrets in between. Equal parts laugh-out-loud hilarious, awkward, honest, sweet and sentimental, Almost Bare Podcast is a lot like sex itself. We highly recommend giving it a listen–here are five reasons you should press play.


1 | It invites listeners to become invested in their own sexual education.

Podcasts are a great way to learn about any topic under the sun–why not learn about sex during your commute to work too? “We want to help people learn about sex in a way that prioritizes love, tolerance and communication,” says Soprano. “We discuss current events and politics in relation to our sex lives, our rights and our sexuality.” The hosts’ conversations are certainly a far cry from that health class you took freshman year of high school and offer a relevant and refreshing look at sexuality in the U.S. today.


2 | It shines a bright (and non-judgmental) light on taboo topics.

Ever have a question about sex, relationships or–hell–even your own nether regions that you felt too squeamish to ask? Soprano and Ramirez aren’t ashamed to broach sometimes-controversial topics that people aren’t always willing to discuss, ranging from porn to STDs to polyamory. The best part is that they approach these topics with compassion and an open mind. “We want to be honest about our beliefs and transparent about our life experiences to help others out there feel more normal in their sexual experiences, beliefs and lifestyles,” Soprano says.

3 | The hosts each bring something unique to the conversation.

The co-hosts couldn’t be more different–and that’s part of what makes Almost Bare Podcast so dynamic and engaging. They’re 15 years apart in age and often express opposing ideas. Ramirez is a devout Catholic and is more sexually conservative, while Soprano is agnostic, incredibly sexual and adventurous. “We don’t agree on a lot of topics when it comes to sex, but I think that’s what makes our friendship so great,” says Ramirez. “We’re able to talk about our views without tearing each other down… and we both like sex, so there’s that.” 

Native Knowledge: Soprano is in the process of establishing her own podcast network, Almost Bare Media Group, LLC., which will produce multiple podcasts covering a wide range of topics about sex, love and true crime. So, stay tuned!


4 | While comedic and lighthearted, it’s rarely raunchy. 

Talking about sex doesn’t always have to be raunchy or nauseating. While Almost Bare Podcast covers realms that might make you uncomfortable, it maintains a classy and approachable tone throughout. “[Jon and I] both agree that sexual health isn’t taught well in school, and social media influences so much sexual behavior,” says Soprano. “We feel it’s important to elevate the conversation in a lighthearted way that isn’t raunchy and gross. That’s not us.” Chances are you can gain something from every episode, regardless of your sexual experience. 

Native Knowledge: The hosts  have three “pod dogs:” two wiener dogs and a poodle. They’re named Max, Bean and Dumbledore, and they offer plenty of moral support in the recording studio, which is thoughtfully named The Dungeon.  


5 | It encourages listeners to find their own voice, in and outside the bedroom. 

“I found my voice through this podcast,” says Soprano. “It can be exhilarating and scary, but I hope that by sharing our stories we can help others have the strength to share theirs.” At the core of Almost Bare Podcast, there’s an emphasis on open and honest communication and helping listeners have healthier conversations about their sexuality–in the bedroom and elsewhere. 

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