Plan Your Next Catered Event in San Diego With Authentic Italian Dishes Paired With Soothing Spirits

With Catering From Amici’s Ristobar, Your Guests Will Never Know You Didn’t Make It Yourself

Written By: Marisa Thrasher
Photography Provided By: Bhadri Kubendran Event Catering San Diego

Love the idea of hosting, but you’re not much of a chef? Amici’s Ristobar will easily take your hosting game to the next level—all while buying yourself some time (and sanity) for your next game night or Sunday dinner. With a vibrant woman like Head Chef Rhoelle “Rho” Gabriel at the helm, who is constantly exploring new techniques and trends in Italian cuisine, you already know the food is going to be awesome. These six dishes from Amici’s Ristobar’s catering menu will have your guests begging you to be the host at every gathering!


Stick With It

Caprese Skewers
Chef’s Pairing: Pinot Grigio

Chef Rho describes the Caprese Skewers as “the perfect one-bite appetizer with a perfect Italian flavor profile,” which is why it’s one of her favorites! It’s also a great option for vegetarians and those watching their carb intake. Fresh mozzarella is skewered between locally-sourced tomato and basil and then served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Native Knowledge: Chef Rho is a San Diego native!


Meat and Greet

Cheese and Meat Platters
Chef’s Pairing: Champagne

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like a good cheese and/or meat plate to bond over, right? Chef Rho loves this starter because they are “crowd pleasers as well as conversation starters.” The cheese plates typically consist of pecorino, Spanish-aged goat and English cheddar served with mustard, berries, nuts and a fruit compote. On the meat platter, you’ll find prosciutto, salami and spicy salami served with house pickles and crackers. Each board comes in a half size (serves 8-10) or a full size (serves 10-20).


Be a Baller

Chef’s Pairing: Beer

This super traditional savory snack “can be found on every street in Italy,” says Chef Rho. Arancini is the perfect accompaniment to Sunday Dinner since it’s a nice comfort food that can be served either hot or cold. The way Chef Rho and her team at Amici’s does it is by folding smoked mozzarella into risotto rice and deep frying it so the balls are nice and crispy on the outside, and then serving it with housemade Pomodoro, topped with parmesan and freshly-chopped herbs.

Native Knowledge: Amici’s likes to take Italian cuisine and make it accessible to their comfort base: simple and comforting.

Get Bready

Sandwich Tray
Chef’s Pairing: Italian Beer (like Peroni)

These killer sandwiches recently found their way to the catering menu, just in time for your next soirée! You have the choice of turkey and provolone or salami and provolone, topped with lettuce and tomato or a vegetarian option of tomato and basil with basil aioli, and all are served on baguettes, nicely cut into four-inch portions. Chef Rho loves these sandwiches for any gathering because of how simple they are.

You Say “Potato”

Gnocchi Bolognese
Chef’s Pairing: Pinot Noir

One of Amici’s Ristobar‘s top sellers is this delicious, meaty pasta. Chef Rho says it’s so popular that they are making fresh batches almost constantly. The house-made bolognese is a warm, hearty meat sauce mixed with tomato, butter and parmesan and served over a light, fluffy gnocchi which Chef Rho sources from San Diego’s own Little Italy.

Native Knowledge: Chef Rho is not Italian but she loves making pasta by hand! She’s trained under Italian chefs and has cooked for the OC elite at The Resort at Pelican Hill.


Hey, Sweet Tart

Mixed Berry Tart
Chef’s Pairing: Prosecco and/or Espresso

End your night by treating your guests to this “very berry-forward” dessert. Chef Rho loves to use strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries or whatever happens to be in season on top of a layer of sweet mascarpone and a sweet dough tart shell. This fresh finisher is sure to leave your sweet-toothed friends satisfied.

Native Knowledge: Amici’s is only one-year-old so they’re still getting to know their customers. Although they just launched their catering business, Chef Rho says, “Come meet us!”

Amici’s Ristobar
5980 Village Way, Ste B106
San Diego, CA 92130

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