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We Got the Scoop on Anti-Fragility’s Life-Changing and Industry-Leading Services 

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Photographed By: Jesse Paz Anti-Fragility Health Clinic

When was the last time you put you and your health first? We may talk the talk of a healthy lifestyle here in Orange County, but rarely do we take the time to invest in our well-being both physically and mentally. Anti-Fragility Health Clinic is Anaheim’s industry-leading clinic with services to improve your health—from acne repair to critical service intervention with cancer patients—no matter how big or small.

Anti-Fragility Health Clinic

Treating Your Body, Mind and Soul

Anti-Fragility’s approach to health is not your standard doctor visit. By focusing on functional and lifestyle medicine, Anti-Fragility puts a refreshing spin on health by looking at the body as a whole versus treating one specific ailment. “We believe the body heals itself,” said CEO Charles Sine. “The body with the right amount of nutrients will achieve homeostasis. We focus on the cure of disease and not just the symptoms.”

Anti-Fragility Health Clinic

Top-of-the-Line Technology

As a data-driven practice, the clinic uses data and AI to develop their course of action with prescriptions and recommendations. “We leverage our database of optimal benchmarks for all the biomarkers to personalize our recommendations,” said Sine. “We also have the latest FDA-approved body composition equipment to measure all changes to the patient’s structural integrity.”

Working Through Cancer, Together

One of the most influential services at Anti-Fragility is their critical service interventions with cancer patients. With a defined journey map for cancer patients—beginning with discovery and insight to action and monitoring—the clinic takes on an invested approach into taking care of their patients. Whether you’re diagnosed but not yet in treatment, in treatment or finishing treatment, Anti-Fragility offers a personalized process for you.

“Our partner ecosystem for diagnostics covers the most advanced in the country,” said Sine. Once the discovery phase is done, Sine said they walk their patients through the comprehensive results from the prescription diagnostics. “It leverages the concepts of the seven physiological nodes of function medicine,” he said. Seen your fair share of confusing results? The team at the clinic will go over every aspect of the result and have an open discussion to create a course of action that makes the most sense to your journey.

From there, Sine’s team jumps into action-mode and remain as a source of support throughout your journey back to health. “This is the step where we add value to our patients by supporting them in the implementation of these recommendations into their lifestyle,” he said. Because change isn’t easy, the clinic offers monitoring plans to help with the change in habits to see results.

Anti-Fragility Health Clinic

Standing Out Among the Competition

With an impressive journey map for patients, best-in-class diagnostics and a caring, highly-trained staff, Anti-Fragility is a slice of industry-leading health service right here in Orange County. Whether you’re there for a one-time service or a process, everyone can reap the benefits of choosing a health clinic that puts you, your body and spirit first.

Anti-Fragility Health Clinic
1020 S Anaheim Blvd #101,
Anaheim, CA 92805


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