This New Health Clinic in OC Will Help You Focus on Mind, Body and Spirit

We Got the Exclusive Look at OC’s Groundbreaking Anti-Fragility Health Clinic

Written By: Sheila Estaniel
Photographed By: Rashaun Richardson OC Health Clinic

With all the health fads out there, it’s important to invest in a wellness treatment crafted by doctors, supported by science and individualized to your needs. Anti-Fragility Health is Orange County’s newest clinic, and LOCALE attended the grand opening celebration in Anaheim to get the scoop on why this industry-leading approach to treatment will change the way you view your health.

“‘Anti-fragility’ is really the opposite of fragility. If you are fragile, it means that when you fall, you break. When you are anti-fragile, when you fall, you don’t break. You actually get stronger,” explained CEO Charles Sine. Specializing in personalized medicine, Anti-Fragility Health uses an individual’s specific genes, environment, lifestyle and health history as the baseline for diagnosing and personalizing their treatment plan.

“The core difference is we focus on your whole body, mind, spirit and soul. We focus on data. When we [run] tests, we are actually looking at the underlying data that drives your architecture,” said Sine.

A healthy body is in a state of balance. When the body does not have homeostasis, or state of balance, then disease can occur. “When your hormones are imbalanced, for example, you have weight gain around your waist area. You can’t sleep,” explained Medical Director and Founder Dr. Sung Hye Yi. Running detailed tests helps clinicians at Anti-Fragility Health to identify the cause of a person’s specific imbalance and create a personalized treatment plan based on the individual’s data.  

“We cannot heal anybody,” stated Sine. “We just look for what nutrients you’re short of and why, and how we can then address those gaps. In addressing those gaps, the body achieves homeostasis. It’s an emerging area called precision medicine or precision nutrition. Only your body has your blueprint. This specific blueprint has the nutrients that are critical for you. Everybody is different.”

Guests at the grand opening received the red carpet treatment as they dined on healthy food options, met doctors and staff, listened to live classical music and watched state-of-the-art equipment demos on everything from anti-aging and micro-needling to the acoustic shockwave “jackhammer”—like the one President Obama kept aboard Air Force One for eight years to help with foot treatments. There were presentations on body composition, a discussion on biomarkers (the measurable substance in organisms that indicates disease, infection or exposure to environmental toxins) and even a quick tutorial on personal health apps like Fitbit and Masimo.

“We want the community to be healthy,” said Dr. Yi. “A lot of people think they are healthy because they don’t feel symptoms, but they are not really healthy. Get to know yourself inside and outside. It’s very important to know yourself because then you know where you are, and you can do something about it.”

Anti-Fragility Health
1020 S Anaheim Blvd Ste 101
Anaheim, CA 92805

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