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Back to the Basics 

Written By: Taylor Simmons

Photographed By: Curtis Kim

The Expert: Shiva Rose

Title: Founder and Curator of The Local Rose

We all want to feel beautiful. Beauty leads to confidence. Confidence leads to dreams coming true and falling in love with yourself and others. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. We all have our different ways to feel beautiful, whether it is “putting your face on” before you go out, going for a good run, taking a hot bubble bath, exfoliating, getting a tan (whether it be sun or spray), putting on some red lipstick, putting on a good pair of heels or an elegant outfit. These routines have more of a hold on us than we realize. What happens if you don’t put your face on, or take that daily bubble bath, or exfoliate the daily grime out of your pores? Confidence is a fragile thing and can sometimes be lost. That is why these practices in beauty become habitual. However, we tend to look at what these do to us in the long run. They make us feel good now, so we continue to do them. Shiva Rose has become a name associated with healthy beauty. One where ingredients from the kitchen can help you get beauty now and maintain beauty in the future. Elegant and natural, she personifies her own brand within herself and talks a great deal about saving our earth, as well as ourselves.

Q: Could you give a brief summary of your brand and how you got started with it?

Shiva Rose: About five years ago, my life took a complete turn. I was an actress, married, but I wasn’t fulfilled in my life. So, once the divorce happened, it was sort of a catalyst for changing my life. I just wanted to get back to nature and the earth and what I had as a child. We grew up in the countryside. I felt such a responsibility to help our planet. That led to reviewing a lot of beauty products. We’re so conscious about what we put into our body in regards to food, but beauty products can be just as toxic. So, I really wanted to create a brand that would be loving to women and the earth. The natural lifestyle is becoming more mainstream.

Q: Did your upbringing influence your product in any way?

SR: Yes. I grew up in Iran for 10 years. Iranian women take a lot of pride in their beauty. Rose oil is a powerful part of that culture, and now it is here too. My grandmother was named Rose. I am named after her. Roses have been following me my entire life. Rose gardens. I drink rose water. It elevates you. It’s an amazing plant. And now it’s my last name.

Q: Did you see a difference in between the perceived beauty in Iran versus in the United States?

SR: I know there are a lot of great Iranian techniques. Bathing in milk. Using rose. Using honey. Those traditional things they did in their culture are now becoming more common here. It helped me develop the idea behind natural beauty products.

Q: Who was your biggest influence in creating the brand?

SR: Probably my readers. I want to give them something that is readable. Also, my daughters. I think about what they put on their skin. I want to make sure it’s not going to hurt them. I try to make it a meditative situation while making the products, and think about the fact that this is going to go to someone, and I want them to enjoy it. I want it to be perfect.

Q: How would you define your brand?

SR: I would say that there are incredibly pure ingredients, but it’s still glamorous and chic. I am an earth person, and yet I like the finer things in life, so let’s say natural yet glamorous.

Q: What motivated you to begin The Local Rose?

SR: It was about sharing the love of nature and helping our planet and people asking for recipes … just sort of transitioning into this life. I wanted to not be so much about the acting business and Hollywood, and more about holistic living and nature.

Q: Why LA?

SR: It’s my home. There have many times when I feel tired of LA, and I want to move to Kauai. LA, right now, has a really exciting energy. I think it’s at a peak. Things get started from here and then they get filtered out into the world. It’s kind of like a melting pot vortex of synergy, where things are getting created, from natural foods to beauty products and health wellness.

Q: What kind of person are you gearing your product towards?

SR: I think women who want to have non-toxic products that actually work and are elevated. A lot of the natural companies, you don’t know where their oils are from. People who really want to know about what they’re putting on their bodies. Let’s say high quality yet natural women.

Q: What has been the most rewarding aspect of your career?

SR: I tell people, it’s kind of like creating something in the dark, and not knowing how it’s going to turn out. It’s going by your intuition and not really knowing how people will respond. It warms my heart when I see people posting about it on Instagram or writing about it in the press or people sending me emails.

Q: Where do you see your brand going in the next few years?

SR: I’m at this crossroads. I am working with someone who wants to see it at Barneys and the bigger stores in the world. While I want that, I still feel a connection to women who don’t go to Barneys and can’t make that price point. I am kind of trying to figure that out right now. Maybe I will go bigger and then make a smaller line. I see it reaching women on all levels.

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