What’s in Your Beach Bag?

What to Pack: Beach Party Essentials

Written, Styled & Photographed By: TNT Tauna

Going to a Grad party at the beach this June? How about a beach bonfire this Summer? Then you’ll want to pack the essentials to make sure you have a good time at the party. The sun can be super harsh, and it’s easy to get dehydrated, especially when you’re drinking. In this post, I’ll be showing you how to stay out of harm’s way with items you can carry in your beach bag.

Your beach bag shouldn’t be the free tote bag you received for your groceries, it should be a sturdy yet stylish bag that will go with your favorite bathing suits and beach towels. Nautical stripes always make a good pattern for a beach bag and this season bright colors are in. Add in some flip flops in the same color family as your bag and your friends will think you are so put together. Pack a bamboo mat for laying out in the sun, so your beach towel doesn’t get all sandy — this is especially important if you plan on going in the water; nobody likes a soggy, sandy towel. Don’t forget your favorite bathing suit and a kimono coverup. To finish your beach party look, pack a hair accessory like a shell hair clip.

Getting your spot at the fire pits is an all day event. Most people begin setting their things around the concrete basins around 6 a.m., but most of your friends won’t want to show up until the afternoon that leaves you cooking in the sun until they get there. Try saving your spot in shifts with your friends and family if you can; anything to avoid the dreaded time of day when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Even so, sunscreen should be one of the first things to go in your bag right next to a big bottle of water. Don’t rely on your friends to bring bottled water, bring your own reusable bottle and you’ll never be confused as to which water is yours. Keep your lips hydrated with your Burt’s Bees chapstick and make sure to reapply your sunscreen often to avoid a bad burn. If you do end up getting burned, pack Gold Bond Lotion and apply it right away for immediate relief and speedy recovery.

The sun zaps your energy, especially when you get burned. Keep healthy snacks in your bag to munch on like trail mix or veggie sticks; especially self-contained foods like grapes or apples so you don’t have to worry about sand and creating waste. Ensure that you have your own food just in case there’s only junk food at the party. As the heat rises, so might your body odor. Be prepared with some body spray; you’ll really be thankful you have this especially if you find yourself bar hopping with your friends after your beach party. Beat the heat with a wide brim floppy hat and save your eyes with cool Wayfarer shades with reflective lenses reminiscent of the hot Summer days in the 80’s. To catch up on the local happenings, be sure to pack your latest issue of Locale Magazine. Share pages with your friends about featured local dining options, as well as style & beauty trends and much more. You’ll be sure to keep your beach party full of interesting conversation and be in the know about the best spots in your community.

Here’s what was in my beach bag:

Beach Bag | Flip Flops | Bamboo Beach Mat | Beach Towel Kimono | Wide Brim Floppy Hat | Sea Shell Hairclip | Burt’s Bees – Beeswax Lip Balm | Wayfarer Sunglasses | Trader Joe’s Face & Body Sunscreen | Cool Gear EZ Freeze 75 Ounce Water Bottle | Gold Bond Medicated Body Lotion | Seapoint Farms Energy Blend | Veggie Sticks | Bananas | Apples | Bath & Body Works Sweet Magnolia Body Spray  | Locale Magazine: OC April Issue

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