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Behind the Seams of BeachCandy Swimwear

Written By: Erica H. Leitz

Southern California has two seasons: summer and kinda summer. We are both blessed and cursed with the necessity to have beach bods all year round! Staying beach ready is made easier by BeachCandy Swimwear by Brit B. Located in Corona Del Mar. This boutique specializes in custom swimwear for you. Yes, you read me correctly. You can come in with a picture, scraps, or just a dream in your head about the perfect bikini, and the talented Brit B. will make it a reality. And the cherry on top is that after you design your perfect swimwear, the “Candy” is added … Swarovski crystals! I was lucky enough to see her ready-to-wear line at OC Fashion Week this past weekend, so even if you don’t have the desire to create your own, she’s still got you covered. Accessorize at the beach with a unique swim outfit that you can be sure no one else will be wearing!


Q: How long have you been designing swimwear?

Brit B: I have been designing swimwear exclusively for 11 years, and before I had found my deep passion for swimwear I constructed primarily evening wear. Overall, I have been sewing and studying the art of design and pattern-making for 17 years.

Q: What attracted you to begin designing swimwear, as opposed to another genre of fashion?

BB: Swimwear is phenomenal in so many a ways … I love the technique required to create a perfectly fitting swimsuit for any body, any age and any size. I love what swimwear means— vacation, travel a moment by the pool. I love building confidence in women, one client at a time. Swimwear is freedom and joy for a BeachCandy client— whereas, before they found us, time after time we hear how compromise was the underlying factor when swimsuit shopping.

Q: I know a giant part of your business and what sets you apart is that you do custom swimwear. Can you tell me a bit about that? Do customers actually come up with their own designs?

BB: BeachCandy is the ONLY swimwear shop to do what we do. Our clients can design anything they like. Some women bring in an old suit worn to pieces that they would love to replicate and enhance a bit. Others bring in a favorite bra or images pulled. We also cater to the client that just stands in front of the mirror and talks about her least favorite parts of her body (every woman has them) and just wants a sophisticated suit to fit properly. Every custom is designed by the client, for the client. This service makes us a standout in the industry globally. We not only have custom clients around the world, but most of our clients own more than 3-4 suits, and we have several clients who own dozens of custom tailored BeachCandies. The experience and overall product we create is quite addicting, and it is hard to go back to shelf-bought, compromised swimwear.


Q: How long does the process of creating a custom swimsuit generally take? What is the timeline involved, from start to finish?

BB: Each custom BeachCandy takes 3-4 weeks, depending on what style and how many suits the client orders. We begin with a first fitting where we go over what the client wants, and we take a look at any inspirations she has brought with her. Then I take all the measurements I need, and we have a discussion about everything she wants as we stand in our Luxury 3-way Mirror fitting suite. Then I head to my studio in the back of the shop to create her custom-made pattern. Every client has their own folder from this point on with their measurements, patterns and any notes we may need in the future. Once the pattern is made we cut out the suit and prep notes for the sewing team. Once the suit is sewn, we call in the client for a second fitting (this is normally about two weeks after the order has been placed). In the second fitting, we make sure all the specifications are exactly what the client is looking for. We note any specific changes/alterations needed and give this back to our sewing team a second time. Once the changes are made we hand bead the swimsuit with the Swarovski candy the client has chosen (the Candy is optional, but we find once the client has a perfectly fitting suit, they love a little embellishment). After all these detail oriented steps, we have our finalized gorgeous, one-of-a-kind tailored suit ready for pick up.

Q: What do you look to for inspiration when designing your ready to wear collections?

BB: All of our ready-to-wear collections are based on our client’s continuous custom orders. Therefore, every season the collection is directly inspired by the needs and wants of women. Our client profile is a woman age 30 and up, looking for a sophisticated, yet sexy look with a flawless, supportive fit.

Q: In the 2015 swim seasons, what trends can you predict we will be seeing?

BB: Summer 2015 is all about attention to detail with ornate beading, exotic trims, and woven straps along with vibrant colors and styles that encourage a one-of-a-kind look.

Q: What is your personal favorite style of swimwear? Pattern, design?

BB: BeachCandy’s Classic “Alexa” triangle top and the “Lily” Hipster banded bottom with, of course, all the Candy beaded detail. There is nothing like a perfectly tailored classic bikini!

Q: What are your top 5 beach/pool essentials?

1. Tanning Lotion
2. Large bottle of water/ cocktail if I’m in vacation mode
3. BeachCandy’s Balinese Sarong Wrap / also doubles as my towel
4. BeachCandy’s Large Hobo Beach Bag
5. BeachCandy’s Peruvian Exotic Earrings chosen to match my suit

Q: What accessory best accentuates one of your bikinis?

BB: Tough question, I love the entire ensemble… The BeachCandy Swimsuit, a wrap, possibly even a caftan cover up as well, earrings, beachy hair, sun hat, sleek sandals possibly with a bit of sparkle, sunglasses, fresh manicure/pedicure, tanning lotion and great beach bag. If I had to pick one, probably the wrap for it is a MUST that accentuates the hourglass shape of a woman.

BeachCandy Swimwear
2824 E Coast Hwy
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

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