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Written By: Marie Spada

Photographed By: Hunter Cole

Getting “sugared.” It kind of sounds like a ladylike way of saying you drank too many Bellinis; “I got so sugared at brunch that I had to call an Uber!” Well, it’s not (but if that catches on, you heard it here first). Getting sugared is the newest form of hair removal to hit the OC, and it’s causing quite the stir. This safe, effective form of getting rid of those pesky, unwanted hairs is an all natural method that removes the hair directly from the root and, over time, can greatly reduce the amount/thickness of the hair in the treated area. There are those of us who are utterly obsessed with perfect eyebrows (hi) and go to our specific waxing technician religiously, and there are those who go every once in a blue moon. Either way, with the help of the ladies from BeeSugared, we created this first timer’s guide to getting sugared, and we bet that if you try sugaring over waxing just once, you’ll be hooked.

Q: How does sugaring differ from being waxed?

Heather Smith: There are so many different ways, and even though there are a lot of similarities, they are really so different. Sugaring is way more effective and lasts so much longer. The application of wax is actually the exact opposite. The goal of wax is to flatten the hair against the skin and break it off, so it’s more like extended shaving. Sugaring goes against the growth of the hair, and you pull it out with the growth, so it doesn’t disturb the follicles and you are essentially tweezing the hair all out. For that reason, it lasts a lot longer, and you get a lot less ingrown hairs. The sugar also sticks only to the dead skin cells and the hair itself, so it’s not pulling off the live skin meaning you’re not going to be sore after. It’s super gentle and great for sensitive skin.

Nicole Held: That’s a big thing too. Like Heather was saying, it only sticks to the dead skin cells, so it’s also a gentle exfoliation, whereas with waxing, it can rip or tear the skin and cause ingrown hairs.


Q: What is the sugar made of and how does it differ from what wax is made of?

NH: Wax has a lot of chemicals in it, which can get into your skin, which is another reason that waxing can cause irritation. Sugar is made out of just sugar, lemon, and water. It’s a much more organic process.

HS: All you use is the glob of sugar and the glove, and once it’s done, you just throw it away. With waxing, you’re using the strips and sticks. A lot of times people will double dip the stick into the pot of wax; you never even have to worry about that with sugaring. There’s no double dipping, and the sugar itself is antibacterial too, so you never have to worry about bacteria being stuck in the pot or anywhere else. A lot of times with waxing, people break out from the bacteria.

Q: So what exactly makes the sugar stick?

HS: It’s cooked, and it’s very similar to caramel. We just cook the sugar, water, and lemon in the pot until it gets to be like honey. The sugar is just nicely warmed though, it will never get too hot like wax can, so you’ll never get burned by it.

Q: So….can you eat it?

HS: Yes, you can eat it! I’ve tasted it. It just tastes like sweet lemons. (Laughing) You could put some in your tea if you really wanted to!

NH: I always say if there’s an Apocalypse, I hope I’m at work because at least there’s the sugar! Also, we offer wine and beer so…we’ll have that, too!

Q: What are the benefits of sugaring over waxing or even threading?

HS: With sugaring, since you aren’t taking off the live skin cells, you’re saving your skin. You aren’t doing over-exfoliation of any sort. Also, since you’re pulling the hair out by the root, it grows back thinner each time. So the first time you get sugared is always the most painful because you’re breaking those hair roots for the first time, but any time after that gets easier and easier and you’ll have less hair over time, too. A lot of people see results and don’t really have to come back much after about nine months because they can just tweeze the rest. It’s a form of semi-permanent hair removal.

NH: That’s the greatest thing, that it grows in less each time. We actually have a list of clients we call the “No Hairs” and they’ve been coming to us for sugaring for so long that their services don’t take long anymore at all. You get a solid two weeks out of it too before you see any hair growth, unlike waxing where it starts coming back in a few days to a week.


Q: How does the pain compare to waxing?

HS: Usually people who have been waxed handle the sugaring no problem. If you’ve never done anything, it might be shocking the first time. I love when people have been waxed before because they can tell the difference right away; they just get it. Everyone gets addicted. They always come back once they’ve tried it.

NH: I have friends who come in to get sugared, and one of them says, “I don’t feel a thing! Heather is amazing!” and then I have other friends who are like, “Well it isn’t a cake walk, but it’s better than waxing!”

HS: The pain doesn’t linger when you get sugared either because it’s only from breaking that hair root. It’s like tweezing your eyebrows; when you tweeze out the ones you always tweeze, they come out easily, but if you try to take your arch up, you can really feel it, so that’s like the first time getting sugared. I’d say if you come back within four weeks of your first time, it’s at least 50% less painful.

Q: Do you offer services for both men and women?

NH: Yes. I’d say the biggest ones for us are eyebrows and Brazilian waxes, but we also offer the Manzilian wax for the guys!

Q: How does sugaring affect your skin in regards to aging?

HS: It’s very gentle on the skin overall, so it’s great for older clients. It doesn’t pull the skin down like waxing does either, which really saves your skin.


Q: It says on your website that you utilize the handheld method of sugaring, which is harder to master. What is the other form of sugaring and how do they differ?

HS: The other form is just like waxing. The application is still in the same direction as it is with the handheld, but they use a stick to apply it and a strip on top to pull it off. The handheld method originated in America, so it’s fairly new compared to the ancient technique. That’s why there is less sugaring available, because waxing is more of a list of steps to follow, whereas sugaring is more of a learned technique.

Q: With waxing, the use of certain skincare products should be avoided, such as those containing benzoyl peroxide or Retin-A. Does the same rule apply with sugaring?

HS: I would apply the same rules, just to be careful. But honestly, I myself along with friends and family members have used all of those products while being sugared and have had no problems. I would say that I don’t recommend it, just to be safe, but since the sugaring isn’t taking off the live skin cells, you really don’t have to worry. There’s always going to be that one in ten people that does have a reaction though, so just as a precautionary measure, I’d say don’t use them for a bit before coming in.

Q: So what can a first-timer expect when coming in to get sugared? Any tips?

HS: Grow the hair out one-fourth of an inch, so like a grain of rice. I always recommend taking an ibuprofen beforehand. The first time is always the most painful time, so remember that it does get easier. Even if you’re just doing it once for a vacation, I always recommend coming back in within four weeks, because that’s when it gets to be worth it. You’re always working towards something with sugaring when you come in regularly, because it does get significantly less painful, and you’ll have significantly less hair each time, too. 


Q: What do you suggest doing for aftercare?

HS: That’s one of the best things about sugaring; there really isn’t any aftercare necessary. I always give my clients one of the healing creams we sell so that they always leave moisturized, but other than that there’s really nothing to do. If you are prone to ingrowns, I always suggest exfoliating in a week and a half before the hair starts growing back so that the skin cells don’t regenerate over the follicles and trap the newly growing hair. So really, there’s nothing to look out for unless you’re prone to ingrowns. We also offer the Ultimate and Deluxe Brazilian as well, which are great services for that. The Deluxe Brazilian is the most popular of the two; we add a polishing enzyme exfoliator on before the service to take off the dead skin cells, so if there are ingrown hairs trapped beneath the surface of the skin, it gets them out faster and makes the sugaring a little less painful. The Ultimate is the exfoliating, the sugaring, and a reparative mask that we add on after, so people who are super sensitive or super red tend to get that service.

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