Credit: Kevin Tackett
Credit: Kevin Tackett

Hosting a Celebration? 5 Reasons You Should Leave the Cooking to the Pros

Fork, Knife and Spoon Catering Will Make Your Hosting Process Seamless

From large scale galas to intimate dinners, catering company Fork, Knife + Spoon has played a pivotal role in creating incredible experiences for clients in Palm Springs and across Orange County since 2011. When planning your next intimate gathering at home, there are many advantages to working with the seasoned Fork, Knife + Spoon team. Read on for five reasons why you should book your next cherished event with this local favorite.  Best Caterer Near Me


1 | Less Stress When Hosting

Credit: Kevin Tackett

Event planning always involves careful considerations of logistics and details. Cross one thing off your to-do list by having the caterer handle the food. Fork, Knife + Spoon excels at elevating the dining experience through well-curated meals that fit the occasion, ambiance and the host’s personality. “ [Our purpose] is really to be an extension of their style,” remarks Founder Christopher Roman. “We find out how [the client] wants to look after guests and take care of them.”

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2 | Delicious Food

Food always makes or breaks an event. What makes Fork, Knife + Spoon unique is its focus on a whimsical, playful style of food. When creating dishes, Roman and Owner Andrew Miley like to look forward and backwards. They pay attention to seasonal produce and source ingredients locally. To harken back, the pair likes to develop menus that involve playful twists on food memories as well as emerging trends and client feedback on ideas. “[The feedback] gives us a sense of their spirit of entertaining and flavor profile. Then from there, Andrew and I will curate that into a working menu,” says Roman.

3 | Minimal Cleanup

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Along with setting the tone of the experience, the caterer will help usher the progression of food and drinks. In particular, Fork, Knife + Spoon is adept at serving full-course dinners and planning events spanning multiple days. No matter how big or small, the team is prepared and on-site to take care of your needs. Hospitality is in their nature, and this full-service company can assist with the cleanup process as you bid your guests farewell.

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4 | Easy Ordering Process

Credit: Kevin Tackett

For intimate dinners in particular, one of Fork, Knife + Spoon’s convenient offerings is their delicious drop-off family meals. Comforting and homey, this restaurant-style option elevates everyday moments. Just pick from the set menu and treat yourself to a tasty meal. On their Winter 2022 menu, they offer delicious hors d’oeuvres like vegetable crudités and tasty entrees like beef bourguignon, a soul food that comes with spicy goat cheese mashed potatoes. “These are meant to be celebrated with family and loved ones in a very simple, easy way,” mentions Roman.

Local Insight: During quarantine, Fork, Knife + Spoon expanded into unique service offerings like drop-off meals as well as hosting cooking classes (such as pizza making) to help families learn new recipes and spend time together in the kitchen.

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5 | Experts in Creating Memories

Whether you’re looking for finger food or full-course meals, the Fork, Knife + Spoon team will work with you to curate the perfect experience that is tailored to your goals. From booze cruise cocktail parties to swanky fundraising benefits, this versatile team specializes in creating bespoke meals and memories. “[We] grew up with a love for entertaining and celebrating meaningful moments around food,” says Roman. “We’ve been a part of these milestone moments for a lot of families, and through that we’ve learned their style of entertaining.”

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