Best Donut Shops in San Diego

A variety of donuts at this very moment lie behind the glass counter begging to be eaten. There are sweet ones, savory, salted, frosted, fried and baked. Here at LOCALE  we have a special bond with donuts. It doesn’t have to be a holiday to indulge in a hot, sweet, fluffy pastry, but in honor of National Donut Day we put together a list of locations where we like to get our fingers sticky. You can eat them for breakfast, dessert, midnight snack or any time the mood strikes (which is basically weekly). Lucky for us, donut stores across the county are open for business at various hours-day and night. We know you can relate to the happiness that donuts bring. Remember back in the day when hanging out at the donut shop became a lifestyle?  Things have changed, we’ve since then grown up, but so has the donut! There are so many different types of donuts. Just to offer a few example from opposite sides of the spectrum, think the bacon donut and the fōnut (the say don’t call it a donut, but it’s pretty close). We love donuts! There are so many reasons to celebrate! Where your schedule may take you, stop in to one of these locations to participate in this special day and eat a donut, maybe two. b

Best Donuts in San Diego

Donut Bar

631 B St
San Diego, CA 92101
619.255.6360 |
Best Donuts in San Diego

Great Maple

1451 Washington St
San Diego, CA 92103
619.255.2282 |
Best Donuts in San Diego

Rose Donuts

5201 Linda Vista Rd,  Ste 100
San Diego,  CA 92110
Best Donuts in San Diego

Donut Star

601 W Washington St
San Diego,  CA 92103
Best Donuts in San Diego

San Diego’s Finest Donuts 

3458 University Ave
San Diego,  CA 92104
Donut Touch
6755 Mira Mesa Blvd,  Ste 106
San Diego,  CA 92121

PQ Donuts

9335 Paseo Montalban
San Diego,  CA 92129


7837 Herschel Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037
858.459.0221 |
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