Best Electric Luxury Cars
Best Electric Luxury Cars

Customize to Your Heart’s Content With This Hybrid Luxury Vehicle While Staying Eco-Friendly

Let KARMA Take the Wheel and Drive in Luxury with the Revero Best Electric Luxury Cars

Written By: Diego E. Gaxiola
Photos Provided By: KARMA Automotive Best Electric Luxury Cars

The Southern California-based company KARMA Automotive is leading the world in electric vehicle technology with the Revero, its phenomenally-designed, extended-range electric vehicle. When KARMA Automotive says “Southern California-based,” they really mean it. The auto manufacturer is the first in the world to be designed, engineered, assembled and marketed all within their HQ in Irvine and production site in Moreno Valley. From the tranquility of the Anza Desert Valley to the thrilling energy of the dynamic coastline, the Revero derives its inspiration from SoCal’s natural landscapes. Best Electric Luxury Cars

The KARMA team includes individuals specializing in fields including technology, art and automotive, helping to bring perspective and expertise throughout the design and execution of every vehicle. Each Revero is designed with an emphasis on pristine visual elegance while still maintaining durability and top-of-the-line, eco-friendly technology. The Revero itself features a lightweight aluminum space frame construction with dynamic, dual-electric motors, allowing the luxurious work of drivable art to travel from destination to destination in style. Best Electric Luxury C


The lithium-ion battery within every Revero model is what powers the electric motors, providing individuals with up to 50 miles of pure-electric driving range. Once the vehicle exceeds the 50 miles of naturally-powered electric driving range, the gas-powered generator automatically engages to create more electricity, allowing for nearly 300 more miles of travel. In instances of long-distance travel beyond 300 miles, the Revero’s lithium-ion battery may be recharged or the gasoline tank can be filled to proceed to the desired destination. Recharging KARMA vehicles is convenient: it only takes an astonishing 24 minutes to reach 80 percent. Best Electric Luxury Cars

Aside from the Revero’s vast array of eco-friendly characteristics, the customizable options available for owners are what set the automotive company apart from its competitors. Individuals are given the chance to design their Revero by utilizing KARMA’s interactive website features, enticing exploration and redefining the idea of what luxury electric vehicle customization entails. Potential owners are presented with a selection of stunning California natural landscapes, allowing them to determine which image resonates with their own unique lifestyle.

The exterior and interior color options may sound familiar to most because, like KARMA Automotive, the available color schemes were inspired by the versatility and pure allure of SoCal. From the sleek “Crystal Cove” interior design collection to the breathtaking “Balboa Blue” exterior paint collection option, each color was thoughtfully-formulated to allow individuals to create a vehicle that truly exemplifies uniqueness and unsurpassable luxury. 

KARMA Automotive recently unveiled the “Aliso Edition,” which CEO Dr. Lance Zhou deems as “an example of what customization can mean for KARMA.” The signature pearl-white, layered glass flake exterior is utilized to encapsulate the moment sunlight gently shimmers through the tips of the ocean surf, while the ominously-dark carbon fiber wheels create a lively juxtaposition of colors.

KARMA Automotive is thrilled to announce the renaming of their Moreno Valley facility. Now known as KARMA Innovation and Customization Center, or KICC for short, the name change is utilized to reaffirm KARMA’s core values as a company, highlighting both innovation and customization. KARMA Automotive’s West Marketing Manager, Laura Johnson, shares what the state-of-the-art facility has to offer, stating that, “If an individual brings in a purple Hermes handbag with the hopes of purchasing a car in that same color, our team will be able to color match that exact piece.” Best Electric Luxury Cars

With the continued successes and exciting future plans for KARMA Automotive, the Revero truly proves to be an excellent fit for those seeking a vehicle that fully encompasses the SoCal lifestyle. Best Luxury Cars California

Karma | Westlake
250 S Cord Ave
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Karma | Pasadena
285 W Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105

Karma | Orange County
950 W Coast Hwy
Newport Beach, CA 92663

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