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Stay Shady With These 5 Fabulous Frames by Chrome Hearts

Written by: Gaya Lynn
Photography provided by: Chrome Hearts Eyewear

Sunglasses. Sure, they protect our eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but most of us want our shades to make us look chic, sophisticated and glamorous. One brand that does just that is Chrome Hearts Eyewear, a luxurious collection of frames that has become as well-known as some of the faces who don the CH label.

Not many sunglasses have as much personality and character as Chrome Hearts Eyewear, nor can many boast such an illustrious past. Established in 1988 and founded by Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark, Chrome Hearts surprisingly began as a leather motorcycle riding gear company. With its tremendous attention to quality, along with a unique blend of functionality and artistry, Chrome Hearts soon became a fashion phenomenon and has expanded its successful brand to include a collection of luxury eyewear. Here are five CH styles you don’t want to live without. 


1 | Perfect Bones Chrome Hearts Eyewear

Bone Prone V

Bone Prone V is the latest addition to the popular Bone Prone series. The classic semi-rimless aviator style frame has moved into the modern age with its ultra-thin metal temples engraved with a repeating CH Tiny E motif.


2 | Classic With a Twist


A classic frame with all the bells and whistles, Bra-Gile takes elegance and sophistication to a new level. These round-lensed titanium wireframes encased in acetate features micro filigree details and engraved CH Tiny E motifs. 

Native Knowledge: Unlike most brands that unveil a new line each season, Chrome Hearts is more instinctual and beats to its own drum (or heart, if you will) by presenting new pieces as they are developed. Almost every piece is designed, manufactured and produced in limited quantities in Hollywood, California.


3 | Keep it Cool


Comfort does not have to be plain. These bevel-cut ovular frames provide both fit and flexibility. With temples adorned with the Pete Punk Pyramid Plus motif, the Clamorous is perfect for those wanting both comfort and glamour, with a cool vintage feel to go with it.


4 | Classic Wayfarer with an International Flair


A number of updated silhouettes have recently been introduced to the Chrome Hearts’ custom palette of handmade Japanese and Italian acetate, tumbled for 72 hours and polished for maximum luster. Heavier-gauge acetate is laminated and polished by hand to create the exaggerated beveled edges of the Sitonit frame.

5 | Hot in Hotation Chrome Hearts Eyewear


For titanium-acetate hybrid styles, the Hotation combines classic and contemporary design; the injection-molded Hotation frame features a ribbed chassis and top bar with CH Dagger-adorned temples.

Native Knowledge: A 1992 recipient of the prestigious CFDA  Accessory Design of the Year award, Chrome Hearts was also selected for the Rock Style exhibit at the Costume Institute of New York’s renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art.


The Chrome Hearts Eyewear collection uniquely combines contemporary trends with a vintage vibe while providing artistic touches such as CH Tiny E cross patterns and Dagger-adorned temples. With its ever-growing following, it is no wonder that the legendary brand continues to expand—there are now over 25 stores throughout Asia, Europe and the US.

Chrome Hearts Eyewear is available at :
Vitra Eyewear – South Coast Plaza
3333 Bear St, Ste 153 
Costa Mesa, CA 92626