Your New Year’s Resolution is Gonna Actually Make It Past March This Year

Written By: Emily Torres
Photographed By: Bhadri Kubendran Best Med Spa San Diego

A former healthcare boss babe, Tracy Younger is here to break the mainstream medical mold with ALCHEMĒ. “I was a healthcare executive in the hospital world. I opened outpatient departments and wellness centers, but when I tried to bring in functional medicine, it was kind of laughed off,” said Younger. So instead of sticking with the status quo, she made the move to start her own business that did, in fact, integrate functional medicine. Fast forward to present day, and ALCHEMĒ, Younger’s medical wellness outpost, just celebrated their first birthday.

The bright establishment takes a fresh look at medical wellness by merging functional and aesthetic medicine, with services designed to uncover and treat the root cause of the health problem versus simply looking at the symptoms, which is common in mainstream medical practices. Younger broke these services into two categories: “Inner” and “Outer.” Inner ALCHEMĒ treatments begin with cutting-edge integrative medical appointments that assess all aspects of a patient’s life and environment that contribute to their wellbeing and health, as well as advanced laboratory and genetic testing. After ALCHEMĒ’s physicians review the patient information, they devise a personalized treatment plan, with services ranging anywhere from nutritive IVs to traditional Chinese medicine. Meanwhile, Outer ALCHEMĒ tackles specific aesthetic concerns because when you look good, you feel good. Think skin resurfacing, laser hair removal and more.

She hopes to expand the full-service one-stop wellness shop to different markets, but right now, you can find ALCHEMĒ tucked in Little Italy with an organic cafe and wellness boutique attached.  

“We really do some remarkable things. When I see people finding the root cause of issues, it inspires me. On the aesthetic side, I just want people to feel great. It can be a few small tweaks and it makes such a huge difference. I think people are surprised that it doesn’t take much to feel good. I love to see patients get so excited and feel their best,” concluded Younger.

Treatment Time: Younger’s favorite treatments at ALCHEMĒ include the PRP facial and vitamin injections. Best Med Spa San Diego

Getting Buzzed: ALCHEMĒ serves up kombucha topped with bee pollen. Yum! Best Med Spa San Diego

Native Knowledge: ALCHEMĒ’s wellness boutique is stocked with all of your favorite organic wellness brands. Every item is hand-picked and high-quality, so you can indulge in some guilt-free retail therapy.   Best Med Spa San Diego

2308 Kettner Blvd, Ste C Best Med Spa San Diego
San Diego, CA 92101 Best Med Spa San Diego
619.501.6523 Best Med Spa San Diego

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