Brunching in Costa Mesa This Weekend? This Mexican Restaurant Checks All the Boxes!

5 Reasons We’re Making Brunch Reservations at Costa Mesa’s Descanso Restaurant

Written By: Michelle Jaco
Photography By: Jen Stroman and Lee WaltersBest Mexican Brunch

Brunch, a late morning meal that brings you life and lures you out of a sleep-deprived state of mind. Regardless of the discord that ensues in the stream of text messages trying to decide on a place, time and ever-changing headcount to confirm a reservation, there are obvious reasons why brunch is a weekend staple. We’re here to offer a forever solution to the madness of brunch coordination: Descanso Restaurant, a modern taqueria.

1 | Rest Easy Best Mexican Brunch

When you enter this industrial cabana, you’re guaranteed two things: great food and a great time. With a mission to represent classic Central West Mexican street-inspired cuisine, owner and concept creator, Rob Arellano, wanted to create an environment layered in history and experience through flavor. “We’re not reinventing Mexican food… We just want to add a fresh quality,” states Arellano. With flavorful dishes comprised of the freshest ingredients, seasonal spices and tradition, Descanso’s latest installment of the brunch menu does not disappoint.

Native Knowledge: Most Mexican restaurants pull from Northern Mexico influence, whereas Descanso’s flair is inspired from Central West Mexico, Morelia, Michoacan, more specifically.

2 | You Had Me at Brunch

Descanso’s weekend brunch menu still features favored classics, like the tasty tacos, crispy quesadillas and Arellano’s preferred choice, the savory machaca alambre. The debut of new fan favorites—even on paper—has us salivating, like the Huevos Rancheros with two sunny-side-up eggs, fresh handmade corn tortillas, beans, fried salsa, a three-cheese pairing, cilantro and an option to add your choice of protein. For those with a sweet tooth, opt for Head Chef Sergio Ortega’s twist on bread pudding, the Conchas Bread Pudding—made with Mexican sweet bread, seasonal berries, pistachio brittle and agave syrup. It’s like French Toast 2.0 as it gently crumbles from fork to palate. With the vast majority of ingredients being GMO-free, gluten-free, handpicked and predominantly locally-sourced, Arellano notes, “We want to keep the basis as fresh and healthy as we possibly can.”

Native Knowledge: Canned food is popular in many Mexican restaurants, but all of Descanso’s dishes are made fresh daily—the restaurant does not even own a can opener.

3 | Move Over, Coffee. Today’s for Champagne! Best Mexican Brunch

It’s no secret that to calm the nerves of the Sunday Scaries, one may indulge in a drink or two until the inevitable headache starts to kick in. A possible contributing factor to that pesky headache is the result of a well drink or a cocktail served using lower-cost liquors, typically used when a specific brand of liquor is not requested upon ordering. But breathe a sigh of relief, because Descanso does not serve such enormities. Instead, all drinks are made from quality ingredients and the finest liquor on the market.

Quoting from Bar Manager Jim Valenzuela, Arellano explains that the menu is meant to bring an “approachable mixology” to the drink selection. From a clásico Michelada to Sparkling Orange Margarita to cool refreshers like the Will You Accept this Rosé?, Descanso offers an array of creative libations. Oh, and of course, there are bottomless mimosas with delicious combinations of sparkling wine paired with orange, pineapple or guava blends.

4 | Like Music to Your Ears…Literally

Since its introduction in April, Descanso’s weekend brunch has continued to evolve. To add to the dining experience, live music will be played every Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Prepare to be enriched by the Latin musical stylings of Tian—handpicked by Arellano to be the feature solo act all summer long—Tian’s warm melodies from his acoustic guitar and soothing voice add to the laid-back atmosphere and the charm of Mexican tradition in the 21st century.

Native Knowledge: The house salsa that is served with chips at the beginning of each meal and an ingredient in some of the dishes is Chef Ortega’s secret family recipe.

5 | Let the Good Times Roll Best Mexican Brunch

If you’ve become accustomed to brunch as an opportunity to simply sit at a table and dig into some runny eggs, you may have been brunching all wrong. Whether you’re using the afternoon to recover from the party or extend it, Descanso’s Plancha is the place to do it. Similar to teppanyaki prepared cuisine, this option offers group seating for small or large parties of eight to 10 people at a stove table grill. Your personal taquero, or chef, prepares a multi-course meal right in front of you—delighting the eyes and titillating the taste buds.

Each taquero is friendly, attentive and skilled in the art of quality meal preparation, catering the ingredients in every dish to the customers’ desires and taste preference. “We want people to have an experience, not just a meal,” says Arellano. “When you brunch, you’re going with friends—you’re celebrating!”

Brunch at Descanso Restaurant is held every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For reservations, you can call 714.486.3798 or book online here.

Descanso Restaurant
1555 Adams Ave, Ste 103
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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