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Our Publisher Erik Hale Marries His Longtime Fiancé in a Dream Ceremony in México

Written By: Erik Hale
Photographed By: Fabi Rosas Best Wedding Food Cabo

There were so many memorable events at our wedding. There were fireworks and fully-clothed pool parties, s’mores on the beach and wave womping. I can say that out of all the weddings I have attended the one thing people don’t mention after is the food. After our wedding, and even talking to our guests upon returning home, it was all they talked about. They loved our ice cream cart, custom Mexican beer bar and taco stations. They loved the wheelbarrow of Mexican candy and open-fire grilled meat. Chef Christian offered a five-course, gourmet sit-down dinner when we met with him, but that wasn’t our style. What he created for us was a casual, foodie environment that felt curated from our tastes and got gold stars from all of our guests.

Cristian Sebastian Schwuger, Executive Chef at Sheraton Grand Los Cabos Hacienda del Mar

Q: Tell us a little about your experience and accomplishments as a chef.

Christian Sebastian Schwuger: My passion for gastronomy [started] at an early age and much of my professional development [was] at the hands of one of the most respected European chefs in Argentina. My passion for French gastronomy and my 10 years developing it have constantly motivated me to seek more experiences in several incursions to Europe and other countries, [and coming] to Los Cabos Mexico to take the position of Executive Chef.

Q: What ingredients did you use at the wedding that are local to Los Cabos?

CSS: Mainly fresh fish, [the] majority are from distances not greater than 100 kilometers from the [area]. In this way, we secure optimum quality products and it is something that the clients [notice]. Also, the great majority of the vegetables we use come from local farms, largely certified as organic orchards.

Q: Which station did our guests love the most?

CSS: The stations that incorporate fire are something…I know that as soon as I present [it] I will have all the assurance for success. I try to incorporate a large part of the cooking that can be done in the firewood and outdoors.

Sheraton Grand Los Cabos Hacienda del Mar
Corredor Turistico KM 10, Lote D
Cabo Del Sol
Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, 23450, México