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Try This to Keep Up That Summer Bod

Written By: Erica Johnson
Photographed By: Travis McCoy Best Yoga for Abs

Expert: Natasha Snow Needles
Credentials: Director of Yoga, SoHo Yoga Hermosa Beach and DTLA Best

At nearly 1,000 feet above Downtown LA, OUE Skyspace is California’s tallest open-air observation deck. On the third Saturday of every month, you can join SoHo Yoga for a Sunrise Yoga Class—talk about a sun salutation! The studio is also one of the partner studios in OUE Skyspace LA’s Mind, Body and Soul wellness program this summer.


Forearm Plank

“From plank, simply move down to the elbows. Keep the same long line of alignment from your heels out through the crown of your head. If you’re feeling spicy, slowly lift opposite arm and leg. Hold this for three cycles of breath. If that’s too nuts, simply dip your heels and hips to each side, slowly.”


Paripurna Navasana/Boat Pose

“Firm your sit bones to the ground. Grab behind your knees and radiate your sternum to the sky. Keep your shoulder blades squeezing together and play with lifting a foot off the floor to the height of your knee. Then try both feet. Now let go with the hands and start to lengthen your legs.”


Vasisthasana/Side Plank

“Hold high plank, then drop the heels over to the right and lift your left arm to the sky to stack your shoulders. To increase your oblique engagement, sweep the top arm down and under the bottom armpit. Go slow, like a turtle walking backward.”

Lolasana/Pendant Pose

“Kneel on both knees and sit upright on your shins with your hands framing your legs on the ground. Push down so hard that your butt lifts up off your heels. Then try lifting one foot off the ground at a time. Eventually, build your way up to lifting both feet off the ground at the same time. You can use free weights, books or yoga blocks underneath the hands to access lifting the legs off the ground more easily.”


Extended Table Top

“Start on your hands and knees in tabletop position. Then extend your arm out in front of you, as if you are shaking somebody’s hand and lift the opposite leg. Hold the lift for a minimum of five cycles of breath. As you lower the arm and leg, be mindful of your abdominal movement and attempt to place the hand and knee on the ground at the same time. Repeat on the other side.”

SoHo Yoga DTLA
Two California Plaza
350 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Photoshoot Location:
OUE Skyspace
US Bank Tower
633 West 5th St, Ste 840
Los Angeles, CA 90071