Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash
Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

Name Your Price for Your Next Cosmetic Surgery With This New App

6 Reasons Why BidBeauty is Your New Favorite App

Written By: Jordan Ligons Bid Beauty

Go to your iOS’ app store and download BidBeauty ASAP! It’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for: a free on-demand app to schedule all your surgical and non-surgical cosmetic needs—cosmetic surgery, dermatology and dentistry. Through your phone, you can create procedure requests, select doctors and receive offers. But those aren’t the only reason we love BidBeauty, here’s more:

Bid Beauty

Name Your Price

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With BidBeauty, you are in charge of naming the price for your next cosmetic procedure. Pretty sweet, right? No more feeling like you need to pay outrageous prices for what you’d like!

Bid Beauty

Rewards Program

The more you use BidBeauty for your cosmetic procedure needs, the more reward points you will earn. These can be combined and used towards your next procedure!

Quick Pay Options

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Users conventiently pay for their procedures through the app in a few simple steps. Plus, you have the power to control when the payment to the provider is released.


Change Your Mind?

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If for whatever reason you’ve decided not to go through with the procedure or want to save it for a later day, you will get a refund, no questions asked. Credit card processing fees may apply.

Keep it Local

Based on your location, you get your pick from the best of the best of local doctors, dentists and dermatologists. Not only is all of their information provided, but you can see user ratings and user satisfaction percentages to sway your decision to move forward with their practice.


Campaign Trail

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You can create a crowdfunding campaign to ask your friends and family to contribute to your campaign for your upcoming procedures. Have a birthday coming up? It’s easy to share the link!

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