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Written by: Mary McNulty

The Weather for residents in the Southern California area has been described as a concept, but the reality is that we can hop in the car and a short drive later, we have snow. With the recent rain in our SoCal forecast, we’ve been enticed to leave our water skis behind and head to the local resorts in the San Bernardino Mountains. Grab your skis, board or inner tube and get ready for some fresh powder fun.

It’s hard to believe the ski resorts are no more than a couple of hours away and offer a quick escape from the city. With four major routes to Big Bear determining the fastest way, should be an easy task. You’ll be in a cabin drinking beer in no time. Just remember the drive can be challenging especially during the snow and that chains are a good investment. As the saying goes, “It’s much better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!” Even if you don’t know how to put them on, there are people who will handle it for a small fee. Trust me it is worth it! Here are some suggestions to make your trip memorable and get the most out of Big Bear.



www.bigbearvacations.com | www.bigbearlake.net/hotels | www.bluegreenvacations.com

Making the drive back down the hill after a wonderful day of hitting the slopes is pretty tough especially with icy conditions, so get a room! Most Big Bear residents are part-timers, so there are many options outside standard hotels if you’re looking for something different. Whether the needs are for a hotel, cabin or multiple bedroom house, it’s available. Websites such as Big Bear Vacations provide a listing not only of hotels but cabins and houses as well. One thing, to remember when renting a house, is that both the number of occupants and cars are limited per rental. Make sure you know how many residents and cars are allowed when sending out the invites! If you have narrowed your selection to a hotel, there are a number of sites to help with your search results. One site, Big Bear Hotels and Lodging, provides listings and prices for the area. Current rates listed go from $50 per night to over a $1, 000 per night at The Club at Big Bear Village.



www.gettheburger.com | www.maggiospizzabigbear.com | www.bigbeardining.com | www.evergreenbigbear.com

Whatever dining pleasure you seek, Big Bear has you covered. The 50s-style shack called, Get the Burger, gives you just the power you need to get up that mountain and stay charged for multiple runs. Afterwards, indulge in some great pizza at Maggio’s, where the pizza recipes are passed down from generation and prepared in Brick Deck ovens. Perhaps you’ve decided to escape to the snowy mountain to cuddle like snow bunnies and be romantic, if that’s the case, then Evergreen Restaurant might be more up your alley. Enjoy Duck confit appetizer drizzled with red cherry shallot sauce topped with delectable peaches. You and your date won’t be the only perfect harmonious pairing at the table. The dining options are endless and worth exploring. Make sure you check the restaurant’s schedules, especially during midweek as they can be limited.


Native Knowledge: Should a house or cabin with a kitchen be more your style along the lines of dining, then remember there are only two grocery stores in Big Bear. During this time of year the lines can be massive. Buy your dry goods before you head up the mountain. 


www.bigbearsnowplay.com | www.bigbearlakevillage.com | www.bigbear.com

Ok, the snowboarding and skiing at any of the resorts is a given. Remember that injury can occur, so know your limits. Find out what level you are at before hitting the slopes. Take lessons if you need to, rather than breaking a bone and wishing you did. If you’re only a once in a while type of boarder and you don’t have gear, you can rent. However, non-skiing winter fun should not be overlooked. Check out other options such as tubing.

photo from: mustang message.org

Besides the winter sports offered, Big Bear has some fun places in the Village that offer unique dining and shopping venues. Where else are you going to pick up a bear skin? Plus it’s a great break from the challenges of the slopes. Kick back and enjoy some entertainment at Chad’s Place and revive yourself for the next adventure.

While the tourist flock for the ski season, Big Bear is a year-round resort. The activities and events that Big Bear offers are far too numerous to list. Each month has special plans to keep you active when you’re not on the slopes or the lake. Check it out!

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