Their Services Will Blow You Away

Written By: Marie Spada

Photography By: Hunter Cole

I know you’ve seen them all over — blowout bars across Orange County that wash and set your hair from a menu of styles for around 40 dollars. They all have catchy names, sure, but what makes them all different from one another? Well, if you go to Blown Away Beauty Bar, you will see exactly what sets them apart from the rest. While the ladies at Blown Away will leave you with a hairstyle that will turn heads all day, they also offer a multitude of other services at their fabulous boutique style salon. After sitting down with Blown Away owner, Whitney St. Clair, it is clear why this unstoppable salon has its loyal clients coming back for more and more. The customer service is unparalleled, the quality of services are phenomenal, and the ambiance created by the whole team is genuine.


Q: Tell us how you got started with the idea for Blown Away Beauty Bar?

Whitney St. Clair: It started when I moved back to the Midwest for a couple years. I was one of those women that would go and get her hair done often, and get makeup  applied for special events. When having your hair and makeup done professionally, It simply looks better, the style lasts longer and it is easier to manage. I was a working mom, however, with two kids and time was precious to me so  I wanted a salon where I  could get everything done in one place and I knew that I wasn’t alone; many women wanted the same thing.  I just decided that I was going to create a place where you could, as a busy woman get several beauty treatments completed in one salon and not have to juggle going to three different locations. There is also the social aspect that I wanted to create.  Guys have places to go, right? They get together and go to the sports bar, golf, work events, gym, etc. and women don’t really have a place to go with their friends outside of what they do with their kids. I didn’t want it to be just another salon but a fun and relaxing destination and create a whole experience around beauty.

Q: What does Blown Away Beauty Bar do to set itself apart from other blowout bars in the area?

WSC: In addition to the multiple services that we offer, the customer experience is second to none. I wanted the salon to feel like you were coming into my home; comfortable, elegant and fun.  Our clients can relax, have a glass of champagne and soak in the ambiance but they can also be really efficient with their beauty needs.  We offer blowouts, hairstyling, makeup application, hair extensions, eyelash extensions, in-home spray tanning as well as hair products and hot tools so we are almost a one-stop shop for our clients.

Q: What types of hair extensions do you offer?

WSC: We offer semi-permanent tape-in extensions by Hot Heads, and we also offer the Halo. With tape-ins, your hair doesn’t get damaged like it can with some of the other hair extension methods and applications. I also like the tape-ins and the Halo because it’s quick; tape –in take about an hour and a half to put in and a halo less than 5 minutes.

Q: How can you preserve your blowout for the next day?

WSC: We suggest a dry shampoo and also to try not running your fingers through your hair. Dry shampoo is a great way to let your blow dry last longer and we carry Kevin Murphy! It works and smells AMAZING! We have a product called Restore by Living Proof, which revives your blowout and acts as an awesome heat and UV protector. Our favorite new product is by Living Proof called “Blowout”, which we use to prep your hair before your blowout. It helps reduce the amount of brush work needed to shape your style and also helps by locking in your blowout all day. The more product you put in your hair, the less likely it is that it will last. We do a lot of training to make sure that we aren’t over using a lot of products and only using hot tools when necessary.

Q: What would you say are your hottest trends for summer hair styles?

WSC: The braids are big right now. You name it the fishtail, Dutch, French, we get asked to do them all. We only charge an additional $10 to your $39 blowout if you would like a braid added to your style. The beach waves are also hot right now! I am seeing our clients getting more aggressive, and playful with their hair; Mohawks are back as well as adding fantasy (bright and pastel) colors.  We also receive requests to style the clients hair so that it looks like it has been razored on the side, but it’s really just little braids. People are getting more cutting-edge and taking on some creative styles without having to actually commit to that look by cutting their hair. The stylists at Blown Away Beauty Bar are simply the best and they can style many, fun and creative looks.

Q: The ombre: here to stay or fading away?

WSC: Good question, I was just debating that myself! I think it will be around a little longer just because of the low maintenance factor. Women love that; I know I love it. I’ve seen many variations of it. The hair extension companies, they are getting really aggressive with trying to come out with more ombres, so I would say they think it’s going to stay.

Q: Do you offer ombre hair extensions?

WSC: We do! We also offer the fantasy colors, which is huge right now. Long hair is really coming back. The lob was popular for awhile and now many women miss their long hair.

Q: Do you offer bridal services?

WSC: Absolutely! We have it so that the whole bridal party can come and have the salon to themselves. We have a dressing room so that they can change into robes, have champagne served, as well as bottle service and the bride can pick her perfect “pregame” music. We charge $159 dollars for the bride, but this includes her style consultation as well as some extra pampering to make sure we achieve perfect hair for the big day. We do a full run down in case she wants to try it with her veil, accessories or anything else. We can also offer the service where Blown Away can go to your hotel and bring champagne and have your whole bridal party done within two or three hours, versus taking the whole day. Currently we are also partnering with Jack Randall Photography so the bride gets a free engagement photo session if they choose us for their wedding day preparation.

Q: What are the most popular bridal hair styles for summer?

WSC: We see a lot of beach waves. Brides are liking their hair down, and we might add a little braid or adornment, like hair accessories. Most brides these days want a romantic, soft and natural look. In the winter we tend to get a few more request for that polished more structured and finished style.

Q: Tell us more about the VIP program you offer.

WSC:  Who doesn’t want to be a VIP?  Our members get unlimited blowouts for 99 dollars a month plus $10 dollars per blowout Sunday through Thursday and $20 per blowout on the weekends. In addition, VIP members get 10 percent off all hot tools, a free birthday blowout, and express checkout. We have a large group of very happy VIP Members!

Q: Do you have people who come in several times per week?

WSC: Yes. We have people that don’t even own shampoo anymore. We have one client who received 23 services last month. That’s exactly what we wanted, a place for women to come and be social and get pampered often for a great price. I look at it like this: A  free glass of champagne, and I get to hang out with my girlfriends in a beautiful bar / shop where I leave looking and feeling more beautiful than ever and all for $39.  What else can a woman ask for?

Q: What are three tips for at-home hair care that you think everyone should know?

WSC: First, you don’t need to wash your hair every day. Washing your hair everyday can cause a dry scalp and dry hair. When you do wash make sure it is sulfate and paraben free. You should definitely use a heat protector if you use any hot tools. Excessive heat can cause damage to your hair and so we need to protect it. Lastly, you need to trim your ends at least every six -eight weeks. Healthy hair grows and just looks better!

Q: What is your goal with Blown Away Beauty Bar?

WSC: My goal is to appeal to all ages. I want it to be a fun, affordable luxury where you are “wowed” when you come in, but it’s only $39. For our stylist, they know that customer service is everything at Blown Away.  I want our clients to feel like a celebrity for 45 minutes. We are also dedicated to give back to the community that we serve. We have been able to work with and donate to a number of local charities and schools.  I often say that what we sell is “confidence.”  Some women and young ladies come into our salon feeling insecure but always leave feeling beautiful and awesome; and to see that on their face is the best feeling in the world for us. We want everyone to know that any woman can feel beautiful. Our tagline is, “Be Fabulous. Be empowered. Be blown away, ” and that’s what I want every woman to feel. You can look fabulous no matter who you are.  If Blown Away can help to accomplish that, then it’s a positively beautiful thing!

Blown Away Beauty Bar
32411 Golden Lantern Unit E
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
949.481.0830 |

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