The Women Behind BOXFOX in LA Are Empowering Each Other While Making Your Gift Game Strong

If You Haven’t Gotten Your Friend a BOXFOX, Are you Really Their Friend?

Written By: Traci Carter Holsey
Photographed By: Joe Nardello BOXFOX Los Angeles

Whether they’re breaking the laws of beauty, bringing Balanchine’s ballet to the center stage, boxing the best gifts, bringing new flavor to the beach, sharing the weather or toning muscle groups, there’s a new group of she-roes in town and innovation is their superpower. Forging their own paths and turning passion into profits proves there is no set road to the top. These women have identified a demand for their talents, and they’re here to give their tips and tricks to remaining competitive in formerly male-dominated positions.

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Expert: Chelsea Moore, Jenni Olivero and Sabena Suri
Credentials: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer of BOXFOX

“Use the power of being a woman to actually drive the ideas behind your company. There’s been a huge shift toward women-owned and women-led businesses. I think businesses can come out of the feminine experience and what it’s like being a woman and needs we have uniquely. Listening to your female intuition and not shying away from that allows you to be a successful woman in business today.”—Sabena Suri

“After college, a friend of ours was hospitalized in Los Angeles, but our work schedules were so crazy, we couldn’t go be by her side….that was the catalyst. It sparked the idea for ‘Build a BOXFOX,’ which is at the root of everything we do. We started meeting two nights a week. We were very dedicated and disciplined. We worked throughout 2014 and re-launched in November 2014.”—Chelsea Moore

“When you start a business, there’s really no playbook or rulebook for how to do it. Especially if you’re creating something totally unique…when you’re creating something from scratch, you’re not always going to have the answers. At the beginning we decided we were just going to have to follow our gut and intuition.”—Sabena Suri

“No matter what, as much as we heard ‘no’ from anyone, we were still all so truly grounded in the idea. We always had the three of us. There were always two other founders to lean on. If one of us was feeling particularly down, the other two could really help pull through.”—Jenni Olivero

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Thanks for the Memories: BOXFOX works with companies to create gifts that are meaningful and elevated for occasions as varied as saying thanks, welcoming on new work partners or celebrating life’s milestones.

Here Comes the Bride: BOXFOX curates everything from boxed bridesmaid’s gifts to bachelorette survival kits. They work with customers to design gifts that reflect the vision of the big day and provide the ideal keepsake for the celebration.

Native Knowledge: BOXFOX is a self-funded startup. Sales in 2017 were $2.2 million, and they have sold 45,000 boxes sent to 20 countries.

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