BRASA Rotisserie: Take Your Tastebuds on a Peruvian Expedition

Spicy, Intoxicating, Flavorful and Cool. So, So Cool.

Written By: Gabrielle Abenoja BRASA Rotisserie

Full of zest unique to traditional Peruvian fare, the experience of dining at BRASA Rotisserie is a delight to the senses and simultaneously familiar and new.

No stranger to the Orange County scene, BRASA Rotisserie is driven by the powerhouse family behind local staple Inka Mama’s – the family-owned restaurant-turned-chain blazed the trail for Peruvian food in Orange County in 2001. Inka Mama’s introduced the the tastes and smells of traditional Peru to the SoCal palate. Now, the generation afterwards is making their mark: Inka Mama’s son and daughter, Victor Begazo and Francesca Begazo hooked up with Locale favorite, Chef Jona Guijarro to take on the family business and put their spin on it.

Typical restaurateur-lingo demands that we refer to BRASA and Inka Mama’s as “sister restaurants,” but like BRASA, we’re going to put our own twist on things and call it like it is: BRASA Rotisserie is the hip-millennial-daughter of Inka Mama’s and we’re lovin’ it.Enter the rotisserie and prepare to be greeted with a bouquet of deep, smoky, and savory; these are the scent-sational notes of specially prepared, free-range pollo a la brasa. To the layman, pollo a la brasa is simply: roasted chicken. A dish that is familiar to all and evokes the feelings of home, comfort, and simplicity. BRASA’s chicken is moist, tender, and packed with flavor.

What makes BRASA Rotisserie memorable (besides the cool, urban feel of the restaurant) is the techniques and care in which the poultry is prepared. This is the heartbeat of BRASA Rotisserie and the base of each entree – sandwiches, salads, soups (oh my!). Each showcase the prized poultry in unique ways guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds.


The menu is separated by entree / meal type:

Meals range from a one-quarter chicken to a whole chicken and come with a house salad, French fries or sweet potato fries.

Stacks are sandwiches, our favorite is the Brasa Clucker which features a shredded version of the signature BRASA Rotisserie chicken, crisp cucumber, a thin hint of the spicy-sweet BRASA Sauce, lean slices of Roma tomatoes, and the prettiest sunny-side-up egg you’ve ever seen. The menu says that it comes with a French roll, but if you can, treat yo’self: ask for the ciabatta.

Just Chicken ‘n Sauce is simply ½ or a whole BRASA chicken plus two sauces. We don’t know what magic goes into the herbaceous BRASA Sauce, but it’s delicious and definitely recommend.

On the Side features the usual beer-friendly fare, and then some with an addition of novel sides such as Celery Root and Potato Mash, and Chicken Wontons. Soups feature comforting classics such as Tomato Bisque, (of course) Classic Chicken, and Garbanzo and Kale.

Salads. Never underestimate the power of puns and vegetable concoctions: BRASA’s salads like Feel the Beet and Kean Whaaaa?? introduce flavors and textures (ie. Quinoa, Peruvian Corn, Mint, Fava Beans, and Red Bell Pepper vinaigrette) that we never would’ve dreamed possible.

Native Knowledge: If you have the chance and love the sweet flavor and soft texture of perfectly roasted pork, upgrade your tots to BRASA Tots! Trust us, it’s a party in your mouth.

If you’ve you got a fancy for tasty beers and wine, check out what’s on tap. Carefully curated by BRASA’s own Victor Begazo, there are a variety of saisons, IPAs, ales, and wines from a slew of local favorites (such as Coronado Brewing and Barley Forge). Each beer has been meticulously chosen to compliment the menu on hand and will be changing seasonally.

BRASA Rotisserie
3940 S Bristol Suite 111
Santa Ana, CA 92704
BRASA Rotisserie is Not Your Average Peruvian Dining Experience

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